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CINDY DAY: Weekend tweet, trick or treat?

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I had a few very busy days in the Weather Centre last week, tracking a parade of weather systems across four provinces.

On Friday, I was interviewed for a storm story that would be published on Saturday. I touched on the usual: rain, snowfall totals, wind, fog and the concerns over freezing rain and ice. Ice that accumulates on branches and overhead wires is measured in mm; the term is ice accretion. I got a chuckle Saturday morning when I read the story. Somehow, “ice accretion” became “ice secretion.” I blame auto-correct.

A few hours later, I noticed a retweet with a comment that caught my eye.

Mark Davidson spotted a hilarious error in a tweet issued by the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office.

The screen capture read “ ...the rain will then change to a mix of freezing rain and ice cream on Sunday as temperatures…”

This Tweet caused quite a flurries of activity on social media last Saturday.
This Tweet caused quite a flurries of activity on social media last Saturday.

And so it began:

Mark Davidson: “Don't know if I should be super excited, or just plain cherry vanilla worried. I think I’ll stay home until I see some moon mist....”

Karen Cook chimed in with: “A little hot fudge will melt that ASAP!”

Nathan Coleman added: “Road conditions will be rocky”

Dannie Brown: “...or covered in chocolate ripples”

From Gerry Lowe came: “Don't drive until the roads are salted caramel”

Brian Steele pointed out the: “Dairy Queen become Storm Shelters”

And finally, Ann (Ann Who?) chimed in with: “Dang it!! I bought storm chips when I should have bought chocolate sauce!!”

She later posted this: “please don’t let it be grape-nut ice cream.” She followed with this observation: “Windsor gets hockey, world's greatest sport. Halifax gets kerosene which gave light to homes and cities around the world. Glace Bay: site of the first wireless station in North America which opened up communications between continents. Wolfville invented grape-nut ice cream.”

Even the Weather Network had some fun and tweeted “Move over #stormchips”

Here’s what I learned.

We all make mistakes.

Some people are very clever

Grape-nut ice cream was invented in Wolfville, N.S.

Thanks, everyone. That was a lot of fun!

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network

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