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CINDY DAY: Jockeying for position

CIndy Day Jan 23 - systems map
- Cindy Day

I’ve often said that when it comes to the weather, it’s about timing and location.

The timing for the next “weather event” is starting to be clear – Sunday to Monday, as far as location goes, it’s still a little up in the air.

A developing system is expected to track up the Ohio Valley, then swing eastward across the state of Maine on Sunday. Systems don’t ever act alone and this one’s track will be decided by the location of a cold, high-pressure system northwest of the region.

The high will be in retrograde, meaning it’s expected to retreat to the north and west as the messy system approaches. How far back will be the difference between snow, a rain/snow mix or even just rain for parts of Nova Scotia.

I am concerned about the risk of freezing rain resulting from cold air becoming trapped close to the ground.

Monday is not looking ideal as colder air will funnel down behind the system with bands of snow and falling temperatures.

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