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CINDY DAY: A whale of a honeymoon

Phil Vogler photo - Contributed

If you come to Weather by Day on a regular basis, you’ve no doubt noticed the name Phil Vogler. He is a regular contributor to my snapshot segment. Through his lens and his lovely emails, I feel like I know Phil.   

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing two spectacular photos that Phil took on a very special occasion: 
“Lillian and I were married on Aug. 17 at Berwick. A part of our honeymoon was to go whale watching aboard the Mega Nova at Brier Island. Unfortunately, the boat broke down and we had to go later in the week. We went out Friday night, Aug. 23, stayed overnight at the Brier Island Lodge and went out again the next afternoon.  
I personally had been out five times and had never seen a breach. That Friday night changed everything. The light was low but I still managed to get a few shots. By the end of the evening we had seen at least 12 breaches. The humpbacks were popping out of the water as if it was an everyday occurrence. It was a trip that we will not soon forget. I spoke with one of the guides on the boat and she told me that they see a breach about once in every 12 trips. We were very lucky.” 

Congratulations Phil and Lillian, and thank you.  

Phil Vogler photo
Phil Vogler photo

Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network.

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