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CINDY DAY: Curious Cubs made my day!

Cindy Day talks to some Cubs about the weather as they prepare for a winter camping trip.
Cindy Day talks to some Cubs about the weather as they prepare for a winter camping trip. - Contributed

Last Wednesday, I didn’t go straight home from work. Instead, I hung around the office until 6:30 p.m., then swung by a local church hall to speak with a group of kids. 

The Cub Scouts were meeting, as they always do, on a Wednesday evening. A co-worker volunteers with the group and asked if I would mind having a chat with them about the weather – they’re preparing to for an overnight winter camping trip. 

I said yes immediately. How refreshing. Kids – putting down their electronics, heading outside, in the winter no less – to learn about nature? I’m in!

I was blessed to have grown up on farm where nature was all around us and we learned to observe, admire and respect it. It was second nature to look up at the cloud cover before going in for the night or check our shoes for morning dew on the way to the barn. Dad taught us to read the wind and feel the weather …  

I jumped at the chance to share some of that knowledge with the Cubs.  

We had a lovely time talking about the weather. We talked about the wind since it plays such a role in winter comfort. The kids learned how to check the wind direction with their finger,  how to use stars to guide them should they get lost and how to estimate the temperature by the sound of the snow underfoot.

As the evening went on I could feel the excitement starting to build. These kids weren’t just going to spend their time at camp being cold and bored, they were going to have fun learning about nature.

When I left the hall and headed home, I wished more kids would put down their phones and tablets and look around. Grandma always said “there is so much to see if you just take time to look up.”

Hats off to the many volunteers who take time to teach children such valuable life lessons. One day they will come back to thank you, and nothing feels better!

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Cindy Day is the chief meteorologist for SaltWire Network.

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