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Fast N Victorious favoured on holiday card at Summerside Raceway

The horses line up behind starting gate at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway on Sunday afternoon.
The horses line up behind starting gate at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway. - Jason Simmonds

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. – Fast N Victorious will contest the top pace of the day on a special holiday program this afternoon at Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway.
The 12-dash program has a 1 p.m. start time at the Prince County oval and Fast N Victorious gets top billing in the Race 11 feature for a $2,200 purse. Owned by Kent and Owen Livingston of Cornwall, Fast N Victorious comes into the race off a second-place finish at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park with Gilles Barrieau in the bike, pacing in 1:56.1. Regular pilot Adam Merner returns to the controls today behind the Stephen Gass trainee as the horse looks for his 28th lifetime win.
Slide Guitar controls in the Race 11 contest with David Dowling in the bike for owner Brittany Watts of Warren Grove. The four-year-old son of Brandons Cowboy has been superb all season with 12 top-three finishes from 22 outings, including a lifetime-best victory of 1:56.2.
Other entries include: White Fish Flash (Norris Rogers), Pictonian Storm (Austin Sorrie), Mando Fun (Jason Hughes) and Heart And Soul (Walter Cheverie).
The afternoon back-up pace lines up in Race 7 with Soccer Hanover receiving top billing from Post 2 for driver Dowling, co-owner and trainer Leith Waite of Summerside and co-owners Les and Spencer Waite of Charlottetown.
Top contenders in the field include Positive Art (Corey MacPherson) and Instant Shadow (Norris Rogers).

– Compiled by Nicholas Oakes for Red Shores.

SRW Entries

Harness racing entries Monday at Red Shores at Summerside Raceway.

1 p.m.

Race 1

1. The Devils Cut                D. Dowling                                            

2. Lyndale Coco                 J. Hughes                                                                    

3. Windmerenoharmdone   A. Sorrie                                                                    

4. Ocean Prince                 D. Spence                                                                 

5. W C Marys Buddy          Bri. MacPhee                                                                

Race 2

1. Agedchedar Hanover N. Rogers                                 

2. Dont Be A Hero       D. Dowling                                            

3. Saulsbrook Lassie    A. Merner                                   

4. Inspector Murdoch   C. MacPherson                                                              

5. Beach Cloud             J. Hughes                                                                

6. Prom King                 K. Murphy                                                                 

Race 3

1. R Es Nancy              D. Sweet            

2. Anzula                      A. Merner                             

3. Pictonian Sareta       A. Sorrie                        

4. Sandhill Star             K. Murphy                             

5. Shouldabeenaclown E. Stewart                           

6. Badlands Giovanna  J. Hughes           

7. Shes A Lover           R. Chappell         

Race 4

1. Useful Hanover       A. Merner                           

2. Cyrax                       D. Dowling                          

3. Blacky Black            N. Rogers                            

4. Salmonier Storm      A. Campbell                     

5. Bold Arrow               D. Spence                        

6. Lincoln Blues           C. MacPherson                          

7. Dividend Day           K. Murphy                        

Race 5

1. Kant Katch Kaiden   D. Spence                            

2. Fiftyshadesofgraci    C. MacPherson                         

3. Way Over                  C. Cheverie                           

4. Love In Paradise       D. Dowling                        

5. Scottish Light            N. Rogers                             

6. Avenue Road Katie  A. Merner                           

7. Mjs Little Martha      J. Hughes                          

8. Camco Willow         K. Murphy                            

Race 6

1. Tea Bag                   N. Rogers                       

2. Southfield Sue         K. Murphy                           

3. Hurricane E J          D. Sweet                         

4. C L La Rousse        D. Dowling                          

5. Bignprecious           G. Cole        

6. Western Gracie       M. Sobey                         

7. Mia Lotta                  J. Hughes                    

8. W C Kenzie Cookie D. Wallace            

Race 7

1. Positive Art            C. MacPherson                            

2. Soccer Hanover     D. Dowling                         

3. Casimir Nunzio       D. Spence           

4. Instant Shadow       N. Rogers                          

5. Confident Fella        J. Hughes                              

6. Goodmorning Ky     K. Murphy                            

Race 8

1. Souverain                       A. Merner                              

2. Blu Meadow Willie          D. Spence                              

3. Shadversary                    J. Hughes                              

4. Windemere Nick             D. Dowling                           

5. Mr Pogge                        D. Sweet                                

6. Quick Mad                       C. MacPherson        

7. C J Bluefin                       N. Bambrick                            

8. Woodmere Fools Son      M. Heffernan Sr.                      

Race 9 

1. Political Crisis           A. Merner                          

2. J Rs Hurricane          D. Dowling                        

3. Myambrose               K. Murphy                           

4. Rising Fella               A. Sorrie                              

5. Toad River                C. MacPherson                     

6. Chevalier Semalu     D. Spence                          

7. Phil Dorleans            J. Hughes                     

Race 10

1. Windemere Nancy    D. Dowling                             

2. Lexis Mandy             C. MacPherson                           

3. Miss Sangria            A. Merner                               

4. Sendmeasign           C. Cheverie                          

5. Southfield Sassy       Bri. MacPhee                     

6. Perfect Raider           J. Hughes                      

7. Bet Er All                   D. Spence                               

8. Ultimate Flyingnun    A. Sorrie                              

Race 11

1. Slide Guitar              D. Dowling                         

2. White Fish Flash      N. Rogers                            

3. Fast N Victorious     A. Merner                         

4. Pictonian Storm       A. Sorrie                          

5. Mando Fun               J. Hughes           

6. Heart And Soul         C. Cheverie          

Race 12

1. Haunto                      K. Murphy                              

2. Windemere Johny    A. Merner                          

3. The Warden              D. Dowling                            

4. Jds Double Dose      D. Spence                        

5. Patrick Q                   C. MacPherson                          

6. Thebestofme             A. Sorrie                   

7. Shiftyn Georgie         J. Hughes                   

8. Old Buck                   N. Rogers

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