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Dual role: Jessica Snowdon, a captain with the Atlantic Attack, is known for another role on P.E.I.


An Atlantic Attack captain had a few fans in the stands this week cheering for Madame Snowdon.

Jessica Snowdon is a captain with the Atlantic Attack of the National Ringette League.
Jessica Snowdon is a captain with the Atlantic Attack of the National Ringette League.

Jessica Snowdon taught French immersion at Montague Regional High School during the first semester and is at Stratford Elementary School this semester, teaching Grade 4.

This week she is plying her trade at another of her skills – ringette. Snowdon and her Atlantic Attack are trying to defend their national title at the Credit Union Canadian Ringette Championships on Prince Edward Island.

“It’s awesome because I know a lot of the little girls now,” Snowdon said following a game earlier in the week at MacLauchlan Arena. “They’ve come to cheer me on today.”

The Moncton native was familiar with the Island prior to taking the job.

She was the director of ringette programs with Andrews Hockey Growth Programs here and in New Brunswick and her boyfriend, Daniel Nicholson, is from Belfast. After Snowdon finished her degree at Crandall University in her hometown, she applied and was hired to teach in P.E.I.

Janet Cameron, principal at Stratford Elementary School, said it is fantastic to have a staff member competing in a national championship.

“She’s an excellent role model for our students,” she said. “Things don't stop after you’re out of school. Your athletics can continue on and motivate you to be the best you can be.”

Cameron said Snowdon does an amazing job of balancing work and athletics by using great time management skills.

“She’s very committed to her profession and to her athletics,” Cameron said.

The principal said Snowdon has been a great addition to the staff.

“Her energy is just explosive,” Cameron said. “It’s contagious. You just want to smile when you see her.”

Snowdon, 27, is from a ringette family. Two of her sisters, 22-year-old Jenny and 19-year-old Britney, are on this year’s squad while Kelly, 25, was with them last year when they won the Canadian championship in Winnipeg.

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