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Campbell has big day as champions crowned at Atlantic Breeders Crown finals

Marc Campbell is pictured handling the reins on Filly Forty Seven at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park in this file photo.
Marc Campbell is pictured handling the reins on Filly Forty Seven at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park in this file photo.

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – If a record exists Marc Campbell seems determined to break it during the 2017 racing season.

Campbell won five races Sunday to become the richest driver in Atlantic Canadian racing history as the Atlantic Sires Stakes season culminated with the Atlantic Breeders Crown finals at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

Campbell now sits at $504,546 in seasonal purse earnings, eclipsing the previous record of $484,052 in earnings by a driver set by Kenny Arsenault during the 2009 season. The ‘King’ of Island racing, Campbell kicked off Championship Sunday by winning the $9,000 Atlantic Breeders Crown three-year-old trot, sponsored by Meridian Farms, with Pappy Go Go in a huge parked out effort of 1:59.4. The gritty son of Tad The Stud is still undefeated on the season as he won his 10th straight race in 2017 for trainer Campbell and owner Grayland Farms of Pugwash, N.S.

Filly Forty Seven repeated her 2016 Atlantic Breeders Crown performance, winning the $20,000 three-year-old pacing filly crown in 1:55.3 for trainer-driver Campbell and owners Darryl MacLean of Winsloe, Katelyn Smallwood of Stratford, Cory Carver of Montague and Tanya Tremblett of Sydney Mines, N.S.

Island Energetic posted a mild upset at 3-1 in 1:56.1 in the $20,000 three-year-old pacing colt final for trainer-driver Campbell and owners Bernadette Burgess of Dartmouth, N.S., and Grayland Farms.

Campbell's other wins came in the $5,000 Atlantic Breeders Crown invitational pace with a 1:54.1 victory aboard Elm Grove Kaboom for trainer Earl Smith of Hunter River and in a $1,600 conditioned pace with Painted Pony for Raymond White of Murray River.

Half Cut, with Mark Bradley in the bike, set a new two-year-old pacing colt track record Sunday at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

In other championship action, Half Cut set a new two-year-old pacing colt track record, winning his $20,000 Atlantic Breeders Crown final in a 1:55.2 romp by seven-lengths for driver Mark Bradley, trainer Tom Weatherbie and owners Kyle Gardiner and Mike Currie of Cardigan, Joseph Gardiner of Mount Stewart and Jerry MacKinnon of St. Peter's Bay.

Woodmere Ceilidh, with Clare MacDonald in the bike, won the Atlantic Breeders Crown two-year-old fillies Sunday at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

Woodmere Ceilidh crowned herself champion in the two-year-old pacing filly division, winning her $20,000 Atlantic Breeders Crown in 1:57.1 for trainer-driver Clare MacDonald and owner Chris Neville of Sydney, N.S.

The $9,000 two-year-old trot final, sponsored by Meridian Farms, went to Windemeredontuworry with a 2:00.3 score for driver Gilles Barrieau, trainer and co-owner Terry Gallant and co-owner Eric Johnston of Summerside.

Kennel Buddy was victorious in the $2,500 Atlantic Breeders Crown open trot in 1:59.4 for trainer, driver and owner David Dowling. Ramblinglily scored win number 55 of her career in the $3,500 Atlantic Breeders Crown open pacing mares in 1:55.4 for driver Ken Murphy and trainer Allan Jones of New Brunswick.

Trainer Tom Weatherbie had two winners on the program as Dial The Bossman (Jason Hughes) was a winner in 1:56.1. Corey MacPherson scored two driving wins on the 14-dash card.

– Compiled by Nicholas Oakes for Red Shores.

CDP Results

Harness racing results from Sunday at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park:

Race 1 – Leaveitwithme (D. Neill) 18.60 5.80 6.90; Wandasbettorchoice (T. Walsh) 9.90 6.00; Auto Cruise (W. Cheverie) 3.10.

Times: 29.4, 59.3, 129.2, 200.2. Also ran: Someone Like You, Colossal Killean, N S Acadian, American Captain, Regal Party Girl. Winning horse owned by Darrell Neill and Ryan Neill, P.E.I. Exactor 6-1 $294.15; Triactor 6-1-2 $1,009.30; Superfecta 6-1-2-3 $377.55. 

Race 2 – Whim Roader (C. MacPherson) 10.30 4.20 3.60; Sir Native (J. Hughes) 2.40 2.40; Van Zant (R. Matheson) 2.50.

Times: 28.3, 57.4, 127.4, 158.1. Also ran: Ok Gladiator, Caughtfoolinaround, Beechwood Tiger, Blazing By. Winning horse owned by Brooke Clarey, Montague. Exactor 4-2 $40.60; Triactor 4-2-1 $64.50; Superfecta 4-2-1-5 $61.57; DD 6-4 $111.40. 

Race 3 – Atlantic Breeders Crown two-year-old trot:

Windemeredontuworry (G. Barrieau) 9.50 6.70 2.10; A Pure Heart (D. MacDonald) 5.70 3.30; Buckaroo (M. Campbell) 2.10.

Times: 30.1, 100.2, 130.4, 200.3. Also ran: Ticked, Oceanview Tadpole, Miss Emerson Ridge, West River Cindy, Never Fear. Winning horse owned by Eric Johnston and Terry Gallant, Summerside. Exactor 2-4 $45.80; Triactor 2-4-7 $143.90; Superfecta 2-4-7-3 $232.45. 

Race 4 – Jetta Flys (C. MacPherson) 4.40 2.30 2.10; Jeb (J. Hughes) 2.20 2.10; Pownal Bay Saul (K. Arsenault) 2.40.

Times: 27.4, 56.3, 126.2, 156.3. Also ran: Windsun Rebel, Threestepstoheaven, Shock The Rock. Winning horse owned by John and Stephen Quinn, Charlottetown. Exactor 4-6 $9.30; Triactor 4-6-2 $15.20; Superfecta 4-6-2-1 $26.55. 

Race 5 – Atlantic Breeders Crown three-year-old trot:

Pappy Go Go (M. Campbell) 2.50 2.10 2.10; Wicked Nick (G. Chappell) 16.80 6.20; Bj Lorado (Bri. MacPhee) 2.70.

Times: 29.2, 58.4, 129.2, 159.4. Also ran: Hop Up, Oceanview Deb, Miss Neala Ridge, Majian Tango, Glencove Carter. Winning horse owned by Grayland Farm, Pugwash, N.S. Exactor 6-7 $59; Triactor 6-7-4 $164.90; Superfecta 6-7-4-3 $115.76.

Race 6 – Painted Pony (M. Campbell) 2.50 2.10 2.10; I D K (V. Poulton) 2.90 2.10; In cahoots (D. Dowling) 2.30.

Times: 28.1, 56.3, 126.2, 156.1. Also ran: Haunto, Hemingway, Thebestofme. Winning horse owned by Raymond White, Murray River. Exactor 3-4 $7.60; Triactor 3-4-1 $10.90; Superfecta 3-4-1-5 $18.45. 

Race 7 – Atlantic Breeders Crown two-year-old fillies:

Woodmere Ceilidh (M. MacDonald) 16.00 6.10 3.40; Scarlet Desire (M. Campbell) 3.90 2.10; Woodmere Chella (G. Barrieau) 9.80.

Times: 27.4, 57.3, 127.2, 157.1. Also ran: Royaltywestho, Maybeitsmaybelline, Elm Grove Misty, Elm Grove Mistress, Saulsbrook Coral. Winning horse owned by Chris Neville, Sydney, N.S. Exactor 4-1 $74.20; Triactor 4-1-5 $665.30; Superfecta 4-1-5-8 $1373.80. 

Race 8 –Atlantic Breeders Crown open trot:

Kennel Buddy (D. Dowling) 6.70 3.00 2.20; Freddie (M. Campbell) 2.10 2.10; Dusty Lane Jacob (A. Merner) 3.10.

Times: 29.2, 59.3, 129.3, 159.4. Also ran: Wedgewood, Holy Molie Maggie, Suicide Shift, Frill Seeker, Professor Gordon. Winning horse owned by David Dowling, Waterford, Ont. Exactor 4-8 $15.60; Triactor 4-8-3 $100.90; Superfecta 4-8-3-5 $156.40. 

Race 9 –Atlantic Breeders Crown two-year-old cots:

Half Cut (M. Bradley) 5.70 2.10 2.10; Dustylanewesty (M. MacDonald) 2.10 2.10; Oceanview Magnum (T. Trites) 2.10.

Times: 27.2, 56.2, 125.4, 155.2. Also ran: Tangled Mind, Sock It Away, Red Dirt Rebel, Rockin Party, String Busters. Winning horse owned by Michael Curry, Jerry MacKinnon, Kyle and Joseph Gardiner, P.E.I. Exactor 1-2 $27.80; Triactor 1-2-6 $75.90; Superfecta 1-2-6-4 $135.70. 

Race 10 – Dial The Bossman (J. Hughes) 6.70 3.60 2.80; Three Truths (K. Arsenault) 7.30 2.40; Mozartsplace (G. Barrieau) 2.10.

Times: 28.3, 58.1, 127.1, 156.1. Also ran: Jetster, The Big Bite, Harbourlite Jerry. Winning horse owned by Doug MacPhee, New Haven. Exactor 1-5 $26.80; Triactor 1-5-2 $124.70; Superfecta 1-5-2-4 $152.80. 

Race 11 – Atlantic Breeders Crown three-year-old fillies:

Filly Forty Seven (M. Campbell) 3.00 2.10 2.10; Traces Of Purple (G. Barrieau) 2.10 2.10; Elektra Express (R. Ellis) 2.10.

Times: 28.4, 56.4, 126.1, 155.3. Also ran: Woodmere Finesse, Kinda Like Her, Winrlosedrnkdaboze, Goodmorning Ky, Gold Record. Winning horse owned by Darryl MacLean, Katelyn Smallwood and Cory Carver, P.E.I.; and Tanya Tremblett, Nova Scotia. Exactor 2-3 $6.10; Triactor 2-3-5 $12.20; Superfecta 2-3-5-1 $10.35. 

Race 12 –Atlantic Breeders Crown open mares:

Ramblinglily (K. Murphy) 6.20 3.00 2.10; Prettyndangerous (A. Merner) 3.20 2.30; Shadows Mystery (G. Barrieau) 2.10.

Times: 28.1, 57.2, 126.1, 155.4. Also ran: Brodys Leona, West river Ambyr, Good Luck Kathy, Woodmere Articblue. Winning horse owned by Allan Jones and Normand Leger, New Brunswick. Exactor 1-3 $25.60; Triactor 1-3-4 $36.20; Suprefecta 1-3-4-7 $123.75. 

Race 13 – Atlantic Breeders Crown three-year-old colts:

Island Energetic (M. Campbell) 8.00 6.90 5.20; Mighty Cowboy (D. Crowe) 2.90 2.20; Tobinator (C. MacPherson) 3.30.

Times: 28.2, 57.2, 127.1, 156.1. Also ran: J J Tanner, Ashes To Ashes, Nameisonthehalter, Carters Caper, Howmacs Dragonator. Winning horse owned by Grayland Farm and Bernadette Burgess, Nova Scotia. Exactor 8-1 $22.30; Triactor 8-1-6 $59.50; Superfecta 8-1-6-2 $151.30. 

Race 14 –Atlantic Breeders Crown invitational:

Elm Grove Kaboom (M. Campbell) 5.40 4.00 3.70; Forever Paradise (R. Ellis) 6.80 3.90; D Gs Camme (G. Barrieau) 5.30.

Times: 27.3, 55.2, 125.1, 154.1. Also ran: His Boy Elroy, Adkins Hanover, Junebugs Baby, Carracci Hanover. Winning horse owned by Larry and Kathy Chappell, Marshfield. Exactor 1-5 $27; Triactor 1-5-4 $363.50; Superfecta 1-5-4-2 $72.45; DD 8-4 $54. 

Wager – $55,386.

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