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Bailey Smith’s performance provides recognition for her and relatively new track program at UPEI

Kameron Kielly and Bailey Smith were recently named the UPEI athletes of the year.
Kameron Kielly and Bailey Smith were recently named the UPEI athletes of the year. - Contributed

Ten Mile House native recently named UPEI’s female athlete of the year


Bailey Smith has combined the quick burst of a sprinter with the longevity, perseverance and stamina of a marathon runner to be successful as a student-athlete.

The 22-year-old Ten Mile House native recently was named UPEI’s female athlete of the year after finishing second in the U Sports 60-metre dash and winning her third straight Atlantic University Sport (AUS) title.

Next month, she will be presented with her nursing degree at convocation.

“It’s been really important to me to stay active throughout my degree,” Smith said. “I always knew track probably wasn't going to be a career for me and I always wanted to help people, so I knew that nursing was a good choice for me. . .

“I’ve loved that I’ve been able to do both together,” she added. “It will be a great feeling to walk across the stage and get that degree.”

Smith won the AUS title in 7.58, breaking Olympian Adrienne Power’s AUS record of 7.59 in the process, and ran faster at nationals (7.49). Smith, who has won back-to-back AUS female track athlete of the year awards, had her best time of the season (7.48) in Halifax.

“She performed at her best when it counted (the most), and that’s not always the easiest thing to do,” said coach Colin MacAdam.

He said Smith had to complete a couple of 12-hour night shifts for her nursing program before heading to the U Sports championship. Add it to the stress of a big championship, time zone changes, a flight and unusual rest patterns and it makes it tough for athletes to excel.

“It’s just another part of the challenge when you’re a student-athlete,” MacAdam said. “She’s a special individual.”

Smith shared UPEI’s female athlete of the year award with rugby’s Alysha Corrigan a year ago. While humbled by the recognition, Smith sees it as a great opportunity to increase the profile of the three-year-old track team.

“It definitely means a lot,” she said. “Our program is new, so the more awards we get and the better we do, the more the word is going to get out that we have a track program on the Island.”

Smith said MacAdam has had a huge influence on her performance. She has worked with him for 10 years and known him for about 15 as he trained her older brother Spencer. There’s a trust level between the athlete and coach as MacAdam knows what her body can take.

“He’s the smartest man in the business,” Smith said. “He knows what each individual athlete needs and that’s really important for a coach for a sport that is so technical. He’s absolutely phenomenal at what he does.”

Smith is studying for her exam to become a licensed registered nurse. She is also getting ready for the summer outdoor track season with eyes on the national senior championship in Montreal.

“I know that I’m going to put out some fast times this summer,” she said.

The sprinter plans on coming back to UPEI in the fall to continue her studies while competing for the track team. She has two years of eligibility remaining.

Special recognition
• Brent Andrews, hockey
The W.A. Ledwell Award is presented annually to a student who has demonstrated outstanding athletic ability in the intercollegiate program, academic excellence, and the qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and citizenship.
• Danielle Younker, soccer.
The Gordon and Muriel Bennett Award is presented to a male or female student-athlete who, over four years, has best combined athletic achievement and academic excellence.

Team awards
Men’s Soccer

MVP – Sam Smiley.
Rookie of the year – Chris Sear.
Women’s Soccer
MVP – Amanda Stanyer.
Rookie of the year – Maddie Hurley.
Women’s Rugby
MVP – Anneke Dykerman.
Rookie of the year – Brinten Comeau.
Women’s Field Hockey
MVP – Alyssa Ferguson and Hannah Gormley.
Rookie of the year – Erica Penwell.
Men’s Hockey
MVP – Kameron Kielly.
Rookie of the year – Doug Blaisdell.
Women’s Hockey
MVP – Camille Scherger.
Rookie of the year – Jolena Gillard.
Men’s Basketball
MVP – Milorad Sedalervic.
Rookie of the year – Jamesley Jerome.
Women’s Basketball
MVP – Jenna Mae Ellsworth and Carolina Del Santo.
Cross Country (women)
MVP – Michaela Walker.
Rookie of the year – Tatiana Kelly.
Cross Country (men)
MVP – Nick Robertson.
Rookie of the year – Nick Robertson
Women’s Volleyball
MVP – Abbie Ronalds.
Men’s Rugby
MVP – Mark Lloyd.
Rookie of the year – Blake Jurkowski.
Women’s Track and Field
MVP – Bailey Smith.
Rookie of the year – Nathalie Lane
Men’s Track and Field
MVP – Damon MacDonald.
Rookie of the year – Mohammed Hamza.

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