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Warren Grove native David Dowling wins MacDonald driving championship

David Dowling won the Paul MacDonald Memorial Driving Championship Saturday at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. From left are Peter Smith, P.E.I. Standardbred Horse Owners Association president; MacDonald’s grandson Devin, Dowling and MacDonald’s son Danny. Stephanie Mitchell/Red Shores/Special to The Guardian
David Dowling won the Paul MacDonald Memorial Driving Championship Saturday at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park. From left are Peter Smith, P.E.I. Standardbred Horse Owners Association president; MacDonald’s grandson Devin, Dowling and MacDonald’s son Danny. Stephanie Mitchell/Red Shores/Special to The Guardian - Contributed

Driver David Dowling finished first or second in three-quarters of Saturday’s afternoon program to cruise to his first Paul MacDonald Memorial Driving Championship title.
The Warren Grove driver dominated the Horseperson’s Day card at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park with six wins and three second-place finishes. It included four wins in the eight-race driving championship, sponsored by the P.E.I. Standardbred Horse Owner’s Association.
Dowling won the competition with 73 points with Gilles Barrieau finishing second with 66 points and Earl Smith third with 51.
Dowling won the first race of the competition with Sendmeasign in 2:01.4 for trainer Alex Sobey of Summerside. Noplay won the second leg of the contest in line to Dowling in 2:01 for Allan Gregory of Charlottetown, then Lincoln Seelster, from the Jackie Matheson stable, captured leg three to give Barrieau a spot in the win column with a 2:01.1. score while Dowling finished second with Sanchez Blue Chip to maintain his healthy points lead.
The winning resumed for Dowling in the fourth leg of the championship as Casimir Obama romped in 2:00.3 from the Todd Walsh Stable.

Veteran pacer Painted Desert gave MacPherson his first win of the competition in leg five as the 13-year-old scored by a quarter-of-a-length in 2:00.3 for trainer Kerry Taylor with Dowling finishing second with Confident Fella.
The sixth race of the challenge saw Jens Credit double up Barrieau for trainer Ryan Perrot of Charlottetown stopping the clock in 2:01.1 with Dowling getting second with Back In The Game. Smith won the next leg aboard West River Ambyr for trainer Harold Shepherd in 1:58.4 while the race had Dowling’s worst finish of the day with a fifth behind Cougar Gal. Outrageous Spirit won the finale of the eight-race championship for Dowling and trainer Kevin Peters in 2:01.1.
Dowling’s other two wins came in regular action with Best To Hurst in 1:58.2 for trainer Earl Watts and Knockout Punch in 2:02.4 for trainer Marvyn Webster of Kensington.

Final standings
A look at the results of the Paul MacDonald Memorial Driving Championship held Saturday in Charlottetown.
David Dowling           73
Gilles Barrieau           66
Earl Smith                  51
Mike McGuigan          48
Brian MacPhee          47
Corey MacPherson    47
Jason Hughes            46
Mark Bradley              44

– Compiled by Nicholas Oakes for Red Shores.

CDP Results
Harness racing results from Saturday at Red Shores at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

Race 1 – A Fiesty X Ample (C.MacPherson) 11.90 7.20 3.60; Anzula(K.Gillis) 7.30 4.00; Windemerohanover(D. Dowling) 9.90.

Times: 30.1, 1:01.3, 1:33.1, 2:03.3. Also ran: Southern Heart, C L La Rousse, Skycrew, R ES Kate, Royal Native, Mia Lotta. Winning horse owned by Chris Davies, Saint John, N.B. Exactor 3-2 $55.40; Triactor 3-2-7 $156 Superfecta 3-2-7-1 $174.85.

Race 2 – Senmeasign (D. Dowling) 2.90 2.40 2.50; Good Luck Kathy (A. E. Smith) 3.00 2.40; Selfie (M. Bradley) 11.20.

Times: 30.2, 1:02.0, 1:32.2, 2:01.4. Also ran: Dueling Banjos, Jays Little Spark, Vintage Winner, Lady Lou Dream, Mamas Lil Beach. Winning horse owned by M. Alex Sobey, Kensington. Exactor 4-3 $6; Triactor 4-3-7 $33.50; Superfecta 4-3-7-2 $112.15.

Race 3 – Knockout Punch (D.Dowling) 3.20 3.10 2.20; Fern Hill Dynamic (K. Murphy) 4.40 2.90; Libertys Dream(C. MacPherson) 3.10.

Times: 28.3, 59.3, 1:31.1, 2:02.4. Also ran: Silverhilllightnin, Rich By State, Oceanview Helios, Oh No, Pineapple Express. Winning horse owned by Valleygrove Farms, Kensington. Exactor 4-9 $16.40; Triactor 4-9-1 $39.90; Superfecta 4-9-1-7 $83.67.

Race 4 – Noplay (D. Dowling) 2.90 2.50 2.10; Sports Royalty (M. McGuigan) 8.50 3.40; Twin B Shadow(G. Barrieau) 2.40.

Times: 28.4, 59.4, 1:31.1, 2:01. Also ran: Whosurwinner, Harbourlite Jerry, Cal Hanover, Mayhem Man, Sharks Play. Winning horse owned by Allan Gregory, Charlottetown. Exactor 1-2 $23.60; Triactor 1-2-3 $44.80; Superfecta 1-2-3-7 $103.75.

Race 5 – Lincoln Seelster (G. Barrieau) 8.80 4.00 2.80; Sanchez Blue Chip (D. Dowling) 3.00 2.30; Santana Sass (B. MacPhee) 6.10.

Times: 29.1, 59.4, 1:29.1, 2:01.1. Also ran: Smart Official, Fly With Max, Rockys World, All out, The Gormanizer. Winning horse owned by Jodi Lynn Matheson, Charlottetown. Exactor 5-2 $21.60; Triactor 5-2-7 $504.95.

Race 6 – Casimir Obama (D. Dowling) 3.90 3.10 2.40; Melanies Magic (J. Hughes) 3.70 4.70; All Turain (G. Barrieau) 4.70.

Times: 29.1, 1:00.4, 1:30.4, 2:00.3. Also ran: Zingers Laugh, Heart and Soul, Jetta Flys, Give em Heck, Dreamfair Van Dam. Winning horse owned by J. Darin MacKenzie, Charlottetown. Exactor 5-8 $21.90; Triactor 5-8- 2 $121.40; Superfecta: 5-8-2-4 $122.85.

Race 7 – Painted Desert (C. MacPherson) 6.00 10.30 7.10; Confident Fella (D. Dowling) 3.70 4.50; Complete Player (M. Bradley) 5.90.

Times: 27.4, 57.1, 1:29.0, 2:00.3. Also ran: Rising Fella, Smiley Bayama, Forever Paradise, Shiftyn Georgie, I C True Grit. Winning horse owned by Perry Burke, Grosse-Ile Que. Exactor 5-6 $72.40; Triactor 5-6-all $40.30.

Race 8 – Best To Hurst (D. Dowling) 5.30 3.10 2.90; Jeb (J. Hughes) 4.50 3.20; Ten Mile Beach (B. LeBlanc) 3.60.

Times: 28.3, 59.1, 1:28.3, 1:58.2. Also ran: Painted Pony, Mando Fun, J K Cowboy. Winning horse owned by Neal Moase, Roger Burns and Windemere Farms, P.E.I. Exactor 3-6 $27.20; Triactor 3-6-4 $217.10; Superfecta 3-6-4-5 $237.37.

Race 9 – Jens Credit (G. Barrieau) 4.70 3.00 2.10; Back In The Game (D. Dowling) 8.90 3.40; Brief Interlude (C. MacPherson) 2.70.

Times: 29.3, 1:00.4, 1:31.3, 2:01.1. Also ran: Bad Silver, Miss Sangria, Always Reese, Can Art, March Magic. Winning horse owned by Carrie Cormier, Gordon Gallant, Wade Olsen and L.S. Webster, P.E.I. Exactor 6-7 $18.70; Triactor 6-7-1 $42.50 Superfecta 6-7-1-5 $65.39.

Race 10 – West River Ambyr (A.E. Smith) 4.60 2.80 3.30; Drivingthedragon n (J. Hughes) 3.10 2.40; Charlottes Western (G. Barrieau) 2.80.

Times: 27.4, 58.1, 1:28.2, 1:58.4. Also ran: Minor Wisdom, Cougar Gal, What A Babe, Sophist, Scoot Out Of Here. Winning horse owned by Haley Sheperd, P.E.I.; and Mary Clare MacDonald, Nova Scotia. Exactor 1-6 $9.50; Triactor 1-6-4 $17.80; Superfecta 1-6-4-5 $61.95.

Race 11 – Outrageous Spirit (D. Dowling) 12.30 2.90 2.60; Tell Me Why (M. McGuigan) 5.50 3.60; Bayside Alexis (J. Hughes) 3.90.

Times: 29.3, 1:00.1, 1:30.1, 2:01.1. Also ran: HP Rubis Joyce, Bettim Vicky, Goodmorning Ky, White Mountain Lee, Paythelinebluechip. Winning horse owned by Paul Holmes, Warren Grove; and Kevin Peters, Emyvale. Exactor 8-all $17.40; Triactor 8-5-4 $554.70.

Race 12 – Arc Light (M. Campbell) 9.80 8.50 6.10; Mrs Dragonfire (C. MacPherson) 9.10 5.10; Rocknrols Image (J. Hughes) 7.20.

Times: 28.1, 58.4, 1:28.2, 1:58.4. Also ran: The Time To Win, Dancers Pass, Julep hanover, Imahine Speed. Winning horse owned by Grayland Frams, Gulf Shore, N.S. Exactor 4-1 $54.40; Triactor 4-1-3 $768.55; Superfecta 4-1-3-7 $36.20; DD 8-all $36.20.

Wager – $32,290.

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