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Saint John, N.B., native wins first marathon in P.E.I.


Trevor Funk was thinking about his 19-year-old son Liam as he headed for the finish line to win his first marathon Sunday in Charlottetown.

“He was supposed to run his third marathon today, but he had an appendicitis last weekend and needs four weeks post-surgery to pick up running,” Funk said after receiving his medal at the P.E.I. Marathon.

He completed the course in 2:43:11, knocking about a minute-and-a-half off his personal-best time set in Fredericton, N.B., in May.

Eaton Seagrave and Stephen Peck, both from Toronto, rounded out the top three in 2:44:40 and 2:52:12, respectively. Oyster Bed Bridge’s Alex Bain was the top Islander, finishing in 3:03:54.

Bear River’s Stan Chaisson, who won the previous three Island marathons, did not compete on Sunday after running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in 2:32:36 on Oct. 13.

Funk, a 45-year-old Saint John, N.B., native, had run the half marathon in P.E.I. four years ago but Sunday was his first time doing Grant Thornton full marathon course, which starts at the Brackley entrance to P.E.I. National Park.

He called it a “gorgeous, gorgeous route.”

“The first 30K went pretty good and then things typically tighten up and you have to try to push through some of the pain and tiredness you’re experiencing,” he said. “It’s a nice course. There’s a little bit of hills, but it’s not as bad as Saint John was in August. That was one was pretty tortuous.”

Funk said he regularly finished fourth in his marathons a few years ago. It improved to third then second this year, including the 25th annual Marathon by the Sea in his hometown in August.

“My friends at work have been kind of bugging me for years,” Funk said, so “it’s exciting (to win).”

He joined Rockwood Road Warrior running group two years ago and was looking forward to getting back to the finish line Sunday to support the 10 or so members who made the trip to the Island for the marathon.

“I’m just excited to go and watch some of my friends cross the finish line and cheer them on, just as they have been cheering me on all through the season,” he said. “That support is huge.”

Funk said he was also looking forward to getting home and spending time with his family.

Marathon results

A look at the top five finishers in each of the categories from Sunday’s P.E.I. Marathon. Included is the chip time from Atlantic Chip. Full results at


Grant Thornton Marathon


Trevor Funk, Saint John, N.B., 2:43:11; Eaton Seagrave, Toronto, 2:44:40; Stephen Peck, Toronto, 2:52:12; Christian Creutzer, Parkville, Md.; 2:54:07; Colin McQuade, Riverview, N.B., 2:55:39.


Helga Reisch-MacNeill, Kensington, 3:12:23; Aline Goguen, Grande-Digue, N.B., 3:18:46; Suzanne Myers, Moncton, 3:19:53; Arran Griffith, Moncton, 3:21:43; Whitney Canning, Dartmouth, N.S., 3:22:09.

Dairy Farmers of Canada Half Marathon


Trevor MacLean, Edmonton, 1:14:35; Wade Were, Dartmouth, N.S., 1:18:56; Vincent Merriam, Stratford, 1:19:42; Brandon Higginbotham, Charlottetown, 1:21:09; Slyvain Vaillancourt, Amqui, Que., 1:22:06.


Leanne Vessey, York, 1:30:02; Kristy Newson, Stratford, 1:30:16; Amanda Clinton, Mount Stewart, 1:32:34; Lindsay Laltoo, Moncton, 1:32:38; Kristen Callaghan, Halifax, 1:32:53.

Race Roster 16K


Scott Clark, Summerside, 1:10:30; Ian Forgeron, Charlottetown, 1:24:05; Nathan Foster, Frenchfort, 1:25:08; Randy Frith, Mallorytown, Ont., 1:28:26; Kurt Laird, Cardigan, 1:32:32


Kristy Moore, Halifax, 1:15:09; Dianne Sharpe, Fredericton, N.B., 1:22:56; Adriana Veer, Marshfield, 1:22:56; Sheena MacCallum, Marshfield, 1:22:56; Maureen Peters, Stratford, 1:24:58.

GoodLife Fitness 10K


Justin Clarke, Dartmouth, N.S., 34:44; Graeme Allardice, Halifax, 35:55: Clint White, Summerside, 39:25; Jarred Toole, Stratford, 41:54; Brent Coade, Charlottetown, 42:34.


Paula James, Windsor, N.S., 37:36; Erin Poirier, Halifax, 39:27; Joanie Cyr, Fatima, Que., 43:50; Kelly Weir, Upper Coverdale, N.B., 47:51; Lindsay Steeves, Moncton, 48:02.



Kelson Devereaux, Ben Eoin, N.S., 16:48; Alex Rogers, Charlottetown, 19:12; Shawn Stewart Blizzard, Dieppe, N.B., 19:33; Paul Thibodeau, Moncton, 19:37; Carter Bruce, Stratford, 19:39.


Madeleine Crowell, Charlottetown, 18:31; Lindsey MacNeil, Arichat, N.S., 20:50; Roya MacDonald, Moncton, 21:09; Reese Kelly, Charlottetown, 21:21; Emma Stanley, Charlottetown, 21:24.


Bell Let’s Talk Half Marathon


Rod MacDonald, Tenmile House, 2:43:47; James Boswall, Frenchfort, 2:49:43; Eldon White, Smith Falls, Ont., 3:09:27.


Hongmei Liu, Charlottetown, 2:24:10; H. Diane Boswall, Frenchfort, 2:49:42; Carole Robichaud, Dieppe, N.B., 2:51:06; Odette Gaudet, Moncton, 2:55:24; Debbie Barry, York, 2:56:11.

Bell Let’s Talk 16K


Kevin MacIsaac, Stratford, 2:26:46; Shane Boyd, Caraquet, N.B., 3:46:40.


Amanda Winchester, Quispamsis, N.B., 2:31:18; Alexya Heelis, Quispamsis, N.B., 2:31:18; Ellen Steeves, Rothesay, N.B., 2:58:39; Christine Lanteigne, Caraquet, N.B., 3:46:41.

Bell Let’s Talk 10K


Ronnie Blanchard, Charlottetown, 1:11; Roger Beazley, Charlottetown, 1:10:59; Andrew Holland, Fredericton, N.B., 1:13:55; Blair McQuaid, Tracadie Cross, 1:16:11; Ryan MacNeill, Charlottetown, 1:18:07.


Florence Marie Curran, St. Teresa, 1:23:38, Emma MacKenzie, Charlottetown, 1:24:15; Leah Deveau, Charlottetown, 1:26:11; Marlene Richardson, Kensington, 1:27:19; Patricia Callaghan, Stratford, 1:27:06.

Bell Let’s Talk 5K


Rob Shaw, Bible Hill, N.S., 40:05; Barry Cudmore, Brackley Beach, 40:08; Wallace Donovan, Springhill, N.S., 43:08; David Taylor, Delafield, Wisc., 47:09; Ethan Fan, Stratford, 48:22.


Mary Ann Gallant, Souris, 40:25; Karen Stanley, Charlottetown, 43:07; Kathy Norrie, Charlottetown, 43:07; Kirsten Stairs, Rocky Point, 42:13.

Spinal Cord Injury P.E.I. Wheelchair


Ryan Bulger, Charlottetown, 16:18; Paul Alan, Charlottetown, 23:43; Ron Russell, Stratford, 28:24; Mickey Watts, Charlottetown, 32:08; Gord McNeilly, Charlottetown, 32:18.


Jennifer Neill, York, 21:02; Allyson McDonell, Summerside, 21:02; Dawn Alan, Charlottetown, 23:44; Lindsay Reid, Summerside, 32:11.

Subaru of Charlottetown Corporate Relay

Court 6 Jets, 2:55:05; Court 6 Flyers, 3:03:52; ADL, 3:14:50; Court 6 Mamas, 3:30:54; Charlottetown Airport – FLYPEI, 3:31:45.

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