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What a day of football!

SUMMERSIDE - With the Giants not playing until Monday night, The Freak was able to sit back, relax and watch all of Sunday’s games on Red Zone.

Journal Pioneer NFL columnist John Turner.

It definitely was the most exciting, and best, week of football this season. There were crazy game-changing plays happening almost instantaneously, and there were great early games, late games and even the Sunday night game was a dandy. 
How about those two game-changing plays in the early games between the Chiefs-Panthers and Broncos-Saints? 
The Panthers were driving for the winning field goal until the Chiefs’ Marcus Peters rips the ball out of the hands of Kelvin Benjamin, which sets up the stunning game-winning KC field goal to cap a comeback from 17 points down.
Perhaps the craziest play in recent memory took place in the Broncos-Saints’ game. New Orleans just scored a touchdown to tie the game, and was attempting to kick the convert for a one-point lead with only a minute left in the game.
Shockingly, Denver blocks the kick, and returns it for what is known as a "defensive two-point conversion" to give the Broncos a two-point lead. 
The stadium went from pandemonium to silence. The Saints now had to try an onside kick that didn't work out.
Finally, two great games in Pittsburgh and New England made it a fantastic Sunday of football.
Stat of the week
Giants safety Landon Collins is the only player in the NFL leading his team in tackles, sacks and interceptions.
Bonehead play of the week
It happened for the first time in four years by the worst team in football. The Cleveland Browns called a timeout before the first snap of the game. 
Cleveland had to call a timeout as they had too many players on the field.
How does that happen?

Sure thing
Cleveland, which may not win a game this season, is home to division rival Pittsburgh. The Steelers lost a heart-breaker against Dallas, and will take this out on the Browns. This game will be over by halftime. Take the Black and Yellow.
Poor old 49ers must face a ticked off Patriots’ team, and an angry Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Pats need to make the trek across the country, and they will make it worthwhile with a lopsided win.
Detroit is coming off a bye, and Jacksonville lost another. The Lions are surprisingly leading the NFC North, and will need to beat teams like the Jags if they are to be a legit contender. The Lions play a solid game, and move to 6-4.
Don't mortgage the house picks
It looks like the Seahawks, who are home to Philly, are for real. The Eagles’ Carson Wentz hasn’t been in an environment like Seattle, and against a defence that looks like it has hit its stride. Russ Wilson is healthy again, and you know that by the way Seattle moved the ball against the Patriots. The Hawks show Wentz rookies aren’t winning in their nest.
Jay Cutler is again looking like Jay Cutler – the turnover machine. Sunday, the Bears visit the New York Giants. New York will finally win a game that isn’t close. Thank you!
The Vikings finally cut kicker Blair Walsh, who couldn’t hit the side of the stadium with his kicks. Don’t think cutting the kicker will help the offence, but they are playing the Cards, who are terrible on the road. The Vikings finally get back in the win column after losing four straight.
Upset special
The underrated Titans’ offence can score points and control the clock with the running game.
Tennessee’s D is solid against the run, but is suspect against the pass. 
Indy is coming off a bye, and its defence is preventing them from making a playoff push.
In a big divisional game, take the Titans on the road.
Last week: 5-for-7.
Season: 47-for-70.

John Turner is a Summerside schoolteacher and coaches youth football. His column appears every Saturday during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to

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