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Slemon Park Plex launches new NFL fundraiser

SLEMON PARK – Think you know the National Football League (NFL)?

John Turner, left, wears his New York Giants’ jersey as he purchases an NFL Pick N Win ticket from Jeff Leard in his Oakland Raiders’ jersey. Leard is president of Slemon Park Plex Inc., the not-for-profit company that operates the Slemon Park Plex arena.

Slemon Park Plex Inc., the not-for-profit company that operates the Slemon Park Plex, has launched a new fundraiser for the upcoming season season called NFL Pick N Win.

Participants will try to predict winners of all the NFL games on the ticket on a weekly basis. There is $2,600 in total prizes, including weekly prizes and prizes for the top-three finishers that earn the most points in the entire regular season.

“Not only will it test your ability to predict the outcomes of the games, but you can also see how you do against John Turner, the NFL columnist for the Journal Pioneer,” said Jeff Leard, president of Slemon Park Plex Inc. “It is very simple to play, and should be a fun way to follow the NFL games and at the same time support The Plex.”

The busy Plex has been open for three years, and is used by people of all ages.

“It is only with everyone’s support that we can continue to keep The Plex open,” said Leard.

To participate, register at Source for Sports in Summerside, or go online at and follow the instructions. The deadline to register is Sept. 1. 

“We encourage anyone interested in participating and supporting The Plex to sign up now,” said Leard, who added participants will receive a reminder email each week to submit picks.

Anyone looking for more information, can contact any member of the board, or call The Plex at 888-2121.



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