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FOOTBALL FREAK: The Freak and family about to experience U.S. Thanksgiving

['Journal Pioneer NFL columnist John Turner.']
['Journal Pioneer NFL columnist John Turner.']

Turners taking in Giants-Redskins game

You might think The Freak is crazy going to the Giants’ game against the Redskins on American Thanksgiving (Thursday), but you have to support your team – even during terrible times like right now. 
There is a good chance the Giants will get blown out, but getting an opportunity to attend any NFL game is always a thrill no matter how many times you have been to one.
The good thing about the Giants struggling is the price of game tickets was much cheaper as not many Giants’ fans want to go to the game in Washington with the state of the team. So, the price difference between the tickets at the beginning of the season and a couple of weeks ago was about $600. 
The beauty of supply and demand!
The Freak was able to get some great cheap seats for the family (30-yard line, 10 rows up on the Giants’ sideline), and that will be exciting for the boys to see their guys up close in action. 
It’s too bad OBJ is out, but to see Eli Manning, JPP, Jack Rabbit, Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard, Snacks and Landon Collins 20 feet away from you will be really exciting. 
There is a good chance we will be in Coach McAdoo’s ear, and deserving so as he is a big reason why this season fell apart.
Furthermore, with it being Thanksgiving, we will be deep-frying a turkey with some brown pops during the tailgating festivities, which will be fun.
Black Friday will be exciting as well as The Freak and crew will be attending a Pennsylvania Division 5A high school playoff game “Friday Night Lights” in Hershey, which will have 15,000 fans in the stadium. It will be a great couple of football days!
Stat of the week
Tom Brady became the first quarterback on the planet to throw a touchdown pass at every game played outside of the United States – London and Mexico.
Sure thing
The Bears have a solid defence that has kept them in many games this season. The Eagles’ offence is flying high, and loves playing at home. It’s hibernation time for the Bears, and they will be handed another road loss before they go to sleep for the long winter.
The Giants’ defence will once again be in a giving mood, allowing Kurt Cousins and the Redskins to walk all over them. The Freak, at least, got cheap front-row seats to hear the conversations on the Giants’ sideline. Won’t be positive for sure, take the Redskins.
Miami is going one way, and New England is going the other way. Don’t need to tell you who is going the right way. Patriots in a blow out.
Pittsburgh must love home cooking as they are great at home at Heinz Field. The Steelers face a Packers’ team that can't do anything offensively since Aaron Rodgers got hurt. The Steelers beat the visiting Pack.
Don’t mortgage the house picks
Is there a more moody player than Cam Newton? He’s either smiling, laughing or he looks like he’s going to cry. You will see the smile this week when they beat the Jets on the road.
This is a must game for the Raiders if they want to stay in the AFC playoff race. Denver has gone in the tank, and will fall deep into the “Black Hole” on Sunday. Silver and Black win to keep their playoff hopes alive.
Upset special
The Jaguars are playing well and aren’t flashy, but their margin of error, because of quarterback Blake Bortles, is razor thin. 
Arizona is an old team that’s on its last legs.
The Cardinals put it together this week, and upset Jacksonville at home on a late interception thrown by Bortles.
Last week: 6-for-7.
Season: 57-for-75.

John Turner is a Summerside school teacher and coaches youth football. His column appears every Thursday during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to

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