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FOOTBALL FREAK: Picking a Super Bowl winner

The Freak asked some of the local experts to predict the winner of Super Bowl LI.

Journal Pioneer NFL columnist John Turner.

Who do you believe? ?
Dave Chisholm: “The set is complete, Pats earn their fifth Super Bowl 38-24, with Dion Lewis scoring three touchdowns. The Goats do it again.”

Darcy Ellis: “Atlanta’s offence will be too much for a good but overrated Pats’ defence. Matty Ice leads them to a 37-23 win.”

Goat: “Patriots 35-24. (NFL commissioner Roger) Goodell has to hand the MVP trophy to Brady looking deflated!”

Morgan Carlile: “Pats 21, Falcons 6.”

Jason Ahern: “In the ultimate revenge, Brady and Kraft will accept the trophy from Goodell. 38-34 Patriots.”

Jamie Matheson: “The Drive for Five is alive! The Pats’ defence is better than the Falcons, and Brady will put up enough points for a 35-31 win.”

Cody MacKay: “Pats’ defence overwhelms Matt Ryan, locking down Julio, and crushing the run game. Tom Brady’s run continues, winning his fifth Super Bowl. Patriots 24-21.”

Scott Bridges: “Falcons 35-31.”

Peter Connick: “The spotlight is too big for the Falcons. Pats win easily 30-20.”
Paul Power: “New England 38, Atlanta 27. Falcons’ defence gave up the sixth-most points in the league this year. Brady and company will have little trouble finding pay dirt.”

Seb Roy-Garand: “Matt Ryan will have no problem leading the Falcons past the Pats. Having thrown no interceptions in the playoffs so far, the Patriots won’t have many chances to capitalize. Falcons win in a shootout, 38-35.”

Jason Cameron: “Atlanta 33-30. Falcons have more depth on both sides of the ball, and win it on a late field goal. Don (Juan) Barlow Ellerslie Rite Stop likes them, and Atlanta is wearing red.”

Paul Walsh: “Patriots surprisingly have the better defence. Tom Brady wins his fifth Lombardi Trophy. Patriots 27-23.”

Ian Power: “Atlanta’s offence will be too much for the Pats to handle, and the fact they are part of Team Red Nation. Falcons 30-28.”

Kris Rice: “Atlanta wins 20-17, and Matt Ryan wins MVP.”

Scott MacDonald: “Patriots win 28-21. Brady wins record fifth Super Bowl. Pats double Julio Jones, and force the Falcons to run.”

Jeff (Poochie) MacDonald: “I think the Falcons 27-24, but if the Pats win I will be glad for Justin Jimmy Jack and Sandy Wedge, true New England fans.”

Brian Doucet: “Patriots 38-34. Same rationale as last year – defence wins championships – and Pats have the better one.”

Rob Connell: “New England 31-24.”

Jeff Leard: “Atlanta’s offence will be too much for New England. Falcons win 38-27.”

Carolyn Rowe-Turner: “I always root for the underdogs, so it’s Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ day to shine. Falcons win 27-24.”

Owen Turner: “The Pats have too much experience and the best coach and quarterback of all time. Atlanta’s D is no match for Tom’s offence. His experience and late-game heroics will carry them to a 31-24 win.”

Finn Turner: “I take the Falcons 30-24, with a late touchdown by Taylor Gabriel. Bill Belichick takes out Julio like he took AB out, but Sanu and Gabriel have a big game with a combined three touchdowns.”

Charlie Turner: “Falcons win 30-24 because their offence is too much for the Pats to handle as Sanu scores two touchdowns.”

Mark MacNeill: “Patriots 27-17 as Brady’s precision passing attack will pick apart the Falcons’ D, and Pats will never trail in this game.”

Jamie MacKenzie: “The Dirty Bird fans have been waiting 51 years for a championship. Matty Ice wins MVP. Falcons 31-28.”

Alex Rose: “I think the Pats are going to win this year because of previous Super Bowl experience. Another factor is Brady, and how hard the team is going to play for him. Pats 30-21.”

Tony Gallant: “Pats 27-24. Brady and Belichick too much for Matty Ice and Dan Quinn.”

Chris MacDougall: “Pats 30-23. Brady, Belichick and Pats’ experience in the big game prevails.”

Marc Reid: “Brady and Belichick combination wins Super Bowl LI, with a late fourth-quarter drive to seal the deal in a 35-30 Patriots’ win.”

Brian Francouer: “Pats will take away Falcons’ best weapon, Julio Jones. This just leaves mediocre receivers and a running game up against a top D, which is not enough. Pats win 27-2.”

John Turner is a Summerside schoolteacher and coaches youth football. His column appears weekly during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to

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