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FOOTBALL FREAK: No shortage of offence early in NFL season

['John Turner']
['John Turner']

Vikings, Jags, Rams are picked as sure things this week

The NFL wanted offensive football and now they have it, especially since all the new rules seem to benefit the offensive side of the ball.  
Speaking of offence, what a start for Pat Mahomes and Ryan Fitzpatrick!
Hopefully, you have them on your fantasy team and you are 2-0.

Sure thing
Minnesota is an 18-point favourite at home against a Bills’ team that had a player quit at halftime, and has starting a rookie quarterback. If there is ever a lock to win this week, it’s the Vikings. This will be close for the first minute of the game.
The Jags look like they are for real, and playing in last year’s AFC Championship game was no fluke. Tennessee heads to Jacksonville, which now has a great defence, sellout crowds and an offence that isn’t afraid to throw the ball in big moments. The Titans can’t win a significant road game like this. Take Jacksonville.
This is the first “Battle of Los Angeles” between the Rams and Chargers. Home-field advantage is not huge at either home venue as football fans on the West Coast are very passive, and seem busy with many other things. However, there is a buzz around the Rams this season, and they will beat the Chargers in a close game.

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Don’t mortgage the house
Remember the infamous Bears-Cards’ Monday night game, when the late Dennis Green blew a gasket in the post-game press conference? “The Bears are what we thought they were.” This Bears’ team brings it on defence, just like that team back in 2006, and the Cards are terrible offensively. The Bears are what we thought they were – a good team winning on the road.
The Chiefs’ Pat Mahomes will throw 80 touchdown passes at this rate, and he might have to with this terrible KC defence. The 49ers are a solid team, but this is the Chiefs’ home opener, and the fans will be jacked with the new sheriff in town – Mahomes – and a 2-0 start. Take the Chiefs.
The Giants’ O-Line couldn’t block the Summerside Clippers’ D-Line right now, and they face Houston’s JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. Call the ambulance as they might need one for Eli Manning. Take the Texans at home.
The winless Raiders travel to Miami to take on the undefeated Dolphins. Oakland is desperate for a win, and they hand the first loss to a Florida team this season.  
The Eagles get their franchise quarterback back in Carson Wentz, and the Colts got theirs back earlier. Philly fans will be excited by his return, and the atmosphere will be insane. Eagles win.
Former Pats defensive co-ordinator Matt Patricia takes on his old boss, Bill Belichick, when New England visits the Lions. Detroit is struggling defensively, which is why Patricia was hired in the first place. Tom Brady is licking his lips to play this defence. Here is another Belichick assistant who will fail, and it shows with a New England win.
The Ravens are now a passing team while the Broncos are 2-0 with Case Keenum under centre. Denver is not a great road team, and Baltimore is always tough at home. Joe Flacco leads the Ravens to a win.

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Flip a coin
Who thought the Steelers would be winless while the Bucs would be undefeated with back-up quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick heading into this Monday night game? This will be a shootout and the team with the ball last probably wins. There is too much drama in Pittsburgh for them to focus on just football. Bucs win.
The hometown Falcons are banged up on both sides of the ball while the Saints have not looked impressive in their two home games. New Orleans has not been known as a road team, and this trend continues on Sunday. Atlanta wins.
Aaron Rodgers is banged up, and is not the same moving in the pocket. The Redskins were embarrassed at home by the Colts, and won’t lay an egg at home two weeks in a row. Look for a different Washington team, which results in a home win.
The Panthers have a better running game than the Bengals, and this will be the difference in a Carolina home win.
Upset special
Seattle hasn’t lost a home opener in 10 years, and coach Carroll has never lost an opener as coach of the Seahawks.  
We have to get our head around that Seattle no longer has a defence that dominate games and an offence that can control the clock.  
Dallas showed they can pressure the quarterback, and Seattle’s O-Line is as bad as the Giants.
Cowboys pull off a road upset.

John Turner is a Summerside school teacher and coaches youth football. His column appears every Saturday during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to

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