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FOOTBALL FREAK: Lots of drama on final day of NFL regular season

['John Turner']
['John Turner']

Columnist offers his picks on every game

It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of the NFL regular season.
It’s hard to believe The Freak is writing this column in the sun and sand of the Dominican Republic, sipping on a refreshing drink. But The Freak is dedicated to getting the picks in for those loyal readers.
It’s great for the drama and how the NFL adjusts the final week to make all the games with playoff implications scheduled to be played at the same time. Therefore, no team can rest anyone as all the teams will be unsure of the other results. There is a great slate of divisional games at 5:25 p.m. on Sunday that will determine playoff spots and seedings. Well done NFL!

Sure thing
Seattle is peaking at the right time, and is a team no who one wants to play in the playoffs. The Hawks enjoy a nice win in a pre-playoff game against the Cards.
Pittsburgh really blew their playoff chances over the last month, and Coach Tomlin can only blame himself. The Steelers pound the Bengals, but it’s a little too late for that now.
The Patriots somehow got the second seed despite struggling the last month. The Pats get by the Jets in another unimpressive win.
The Chiefs have also had their struggles closing out the season, and host perhaps their last game versus the Oakland Raiders as we know them. K.C. will struggle in getting the W with the Raiders, who will put up a tough fight.
A third-string quarterback on the road against the Saints. You know the pick, you don’t need The Freak’s help!

Don’t mortgage the house picks
The Giants are a six-point favourite at home to the Cowboys, who can’t move anywhere in the standings. Big D might rest some players, but the Giants will beat them regardless who plays.
The Eagles are still alive, and need to take care of business in Washington against a beat-up Redskins’ team that continues to play hard. Philly keeps hopes of a Super Bowl repeat alive with a big victory.
Minnesota needs Kirk Cousins to win a big game for a change, and this is a big game at home against the Bears. Chicago will bring the D, but the Vikings will bring a great three-phase effort. Minny wins, and gets in the playoffs.
The Chargers already lost to the Broncos, and now have to beat them in Denver to keep their division hopes alive. Lightning won’t hit twice – the Bolts won’t be swept by the Broncos.
The Packers and Lions can’t wait for this season to end, and Green Bay feels a little better with win at Lambeau.
The Rams, just like the Chiefs and Patriots, are limping into the playoffs. L.A. has this home game versus the 49ers to figure things out. The Rams win to get the second seed in the NFC.
The Texans host the Jags, who were one of the season’s biggest disappointments. Houston won’t disappoint though, and posts a solid win.

Flip a coin
The Colts and Titans will duke it out for an AFC wild-card spot in a winner-take-all game in Nashville. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is injured once again, and is a game-time decision. The Freak believes the Titans will win if Mariota plays, and will lose if Gabbert starts.
The Dolphins make the trek to the cold north of Buffalo. The Bills can handle the cold, and Miami can’t. Take Buffalo.
The Falcons travel to Tampa. Does anyone care? If so, pick the Bucs.

Upset special
Cleveland is having a great season, and they want to finish on a high on the road in Baltimore.
Nothing better than knocking off a divisional rival after years of being a stomping mat.
Cleveland pulls off a huge upset, and the Steelers send the Browns many gifts.

John Turner is a Summerside school teacher and coaches youth football. His column appears every Saturday during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to

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