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FOOTBALL FREAK: Cowboys face QB decision

What are the Cowboys going to do when quarterback Tony Romo comes off IR in the next couple of weeks?

John Turner

Dallas is first in the NFC East at 5-1 (won-lost) with rookie Dak Prescott, and do you really want to mess with the team’s success right now? 

The old rule is the starter doesn’t lose his job due to injury, but this is an intriguing situation for Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett, with Jones making the final decision.

You have to think Prescott will be feeling some pressure with Romo, who is really Jerry’s guy, looking over his shoulder. This might lead to some nerves and bad plays over the next couple of weeks.

Regardless, the Cowboys are in a great situation at quarterback, but there are a lot of intangibles that will come into play. You know if Dez Bryant doesn’t start getting the ball, he will be lobbying for you know who at quarterback. 

Stay tuned as this will get very interesting and entertaining


Stat of the week

Over the last 13 seasons, the last undefeated NFL team has failed to reach the Super Bowl. This year it’s the Minnesota Vikings, which is bad news for Poochie and Pete!


Bonehead play of the week


When their teams needed them to make a real short field goal to win the game in overtime, guess what? 

Not one but both Steve Hauschka and Chandler Catanzaro missed automatic field goals for the win. This isn’t high school football guys.


Sure thing

Minnesota didn’t show up in Philly, but they will be ready for a divisional road game in prime time on Monday night in Chicago. Jay Cutler returns at quarterback. The Vikes’ defence will rattle Cutler early and often. The Vikings get back to their winning ways as it’s the same old Cutler.

There’s a big NFC East game for the Eagles heading to Big D, and a showdown of two rookie quarterbacks. Last time Carson Wentz had a road divisional game he was terrible. Don’t think it will be any different this time as a rookie quarterback’s best friend is the running game. Dallas has one, and Philly doesn’t. Take the ‘Boys.


Don’t mortgage the house

The Pats are a favourite on the road, but the Bills and Rex Ryan always give Coach Belichick a tough game. Tyrod Taylor has a depleted receiving core, and a banged up LeSean McCoy. This means advantage Pats. No upset here, Pats win.

Atlanta loves to throw the ball while the Packers hit the road for the first time in a month. Aaron Rodgers and his offence are struggling, and their secondary is really banged up facing the pass-happy Falcons. Atlanta airs it out winning in a shootout.

A good way to fall asleep on Thursday is to watch the Jaguars-Titans’ game. The AFC South is the weakest division in football, and it won’t be any different as the Titans will just do enough to beat the disappointing Jaguars, who might fire their coach after the game.

Another game in London – Bengals and Redskins. Is it just The Freak, but do all these games across the pond seem to lack energy and enthusiasm? Must be due to jet lag, tea, boring Brits and weather. One thing they have going for them is it’s cheap to watch a live NFL game. The Freak’s nephew went to the Giants’ game last week, and it only cost him $35. By the way, the Bengals beat the Skins.

Upset special

The Seahawks’ offence has been struggling, and needs to help their defence out, especially against New Orleans.

Drew Brees will put up 24 points at home in the dome, but can the Seahawks move the sticks and score some points? 

Seattle will score a few more, but it won’t be enough to beat the Saints.

Last week: 3-for-7.

Season: 32-for-49.

John Turner is a Summerside schoolteacher and coaches youth football. His column appears every Saturday during the NFL season. Feel free to e-mail questions and comments to


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