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Thomas rink playing noon-hour draw with three players at Road to the Roar

Skip Charley Thomas.
Skip Charley Thomas. - Jason Simmonds

Klassen out with an illness

SUMMERSIDE – There is some breaking news at the 2017 Home Hardware Road to the Roar Pre-Trials curling event.
The undefeated Charley Thomas rink is playing Friday’s noon-hour draw against Greg Balsdon short-handed.
Brandon Klassen, second stone on the Thomas rink, has to leave Summerside due to an illness, so the team is on the ice with three players.
Nathan Connolly, who was on the team before Klassen, is flying in from Edmonton today, and is expected to be in the lineup for the Thomas rink’s game versus Brendan Bottcher at 8 p.m.
A Curling Canada official noted the Thomas rink can’t use a spare because of the rules and what players were on the game to get the qualifying points.
The Thomas rink went into the game in first place atop the men’s Pool B at 4-0.

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