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One big challenge for coaches at Ray Carter Cup

SUMMERSIDE – One of the challenges facing coaches at the 2017 Ray Carter Cup in Summerside is adjusting their pitching schedules.

Ray Carter Cup.

Teams must adhere to pitch-count rules for the Baseball Canada 15-under championship that begins at Queen Elizabeth Park on Thursday.
“It’s to protect the kids,” said Team P.E.I. head coach Kevin MacLean.
MacLean explained pitchers are allowed a maximum of 95 pitches in one day.
“If you throw that level you would be ineligible to pitch for four full days after,” offered MacLean. “If I pitch a player for 95 pitches on Thursday, they would be ineligible for the rest of the tournament.”

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Pitchers who pitch 80 pitches in one day require three full days of rest; 65 pitches in one day results in two full days of rest; 50 pitches in one day is one full day of rest, and pitchers can throw up to 35 pitches in one day to be eligible to pitch the next day. Pitchers cannot pitch three days in a row, unless their first two days combined does not exceed 35. It’s important to note pitchers are allowed to finish facing the batter they are facing once they reach their limit.
“We have eight or 10 guys who can pitch at any point,” said MacLean. “The challenge, as a coach, is to be strategic enough to have enough pitching to one get through the round robin, and two, if you are fortunate enough to get into the medal round, to have enough pitching left.”

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