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LETTER: Is it time for term limits on all politicians?

- Reuters

In the wake of the upcoming federal election it appears separation sentiments are at an all-time high in both the western provinces; and of course in Quebec. 

Quebec is always threatening separation. They use it as a bargaining chip. 

Alberta and Saskatchewan on the other hand have never had a separation referendum. However, that will probably change if Trudeau’s Liberals form another government. I haven’t seen a prime minister that is so despised since his father was the PM.

People in the west are beyond frustrated with a government that neglects our economic plight and as a result recent polls indicate that over 50 per cent of Albertans are in favour of holding a separation referendum. And many of those are already willing to pull the plug on Canada. That should not come as a big surprise to anyone.

So I’ve been thinking — yeah I know that’s dangerous — but what would the unity temperament of Canada be if our nation adopted term limits on all politicians; both federal and provincial. For example how about a maximum of two terms for the prime minister, all premiers, all members of Parliament, and all legislature members.

Another thing would be to curtail and limit the amount of pension money that any politician receives after their terms are up.

I know this idea would never be accepted by any politicians but I think term limits would go a long way to unifying Canada.

It seems once politicians are elected they get used to feeding at the trough. When the elections are over we rarely hear from them until the next one. It’s hard to know what they really do in parliament or the legislature. Well, not until new campaigning begins then we hear the best fight stories you’ve ever heard.

Anyway, I believe that term limits would be one way of ending the career politicians who feed at the taxpayer trough for their own benefit and then get obscene pensions once they decide to retire or they get voted out.

Dale Stuart
Red Deer, Alta. 

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