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LETTERS: Those with gold make the rules

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As a seasonal worker in Kings County I've just found out that I have to keep a daily log of my job search activities.

I forgot this is a requirement for continuation of EI benefits.  

If I don't satisfy the employment insurance people, I will lose my benefits.

I have been paying into EI, like all workers in Canada, since I entered the workforce as a teenager which means I have been paying into the system for over 34 years.  

I have collected EI once in the late 1980s and four or five times in this century.  

I find it interesting that the people on the lowest rung of the economic ladder must keep a daily log of their job search efforts, and be ready to provide this information at a moment’s notice to EI or they can lose their benefits while the people on the top of the economic ladder, senators, MPs and other high government types are not accountable for their activities. 

For example, a senator who as a senator makes the rules that the senators operate under or at least has input into those rules, not only doesn't have to abide by those rules but doesn't even have to understand them.

The rules they make they can claim they didn't understand. Closer to home we have the e-gaming mystery.  Apparently, no decision maker was involved in this fiasco. 

I guess this just proves the old saying about the golden rule, those with the gold make the rules. And the lowest in society get stomped on at the leisure of the upper crust of society.
Charles Axworthy, 

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