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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Find out what each politician and party stands for before voting

As I watch our Prime Minister granting millions of dollars to much needed housing in the Toronto area, I wonder: where that money is coming from?

I noted also that the federal Liberals have already plunged this country into millions of dollars of debt. Has any of that helped us here on P.E.I.? Have they helped with recruiting doctors, improving health care, rebuilding roads (other than roundabouts), helping our two most lucrative businesses - fishing and agriculture, etc.?

I expect that before the October election, our prime minister, looking for our vote, will be promising monies for projects across our nation...when considering those promises, remember the ones he made in 2015 and the promises he didn't keep. Also, remember the shame he has brought to our country for the Indian affair, the Bermuda holiday, and most recently the SNC - Lavalin case.

I urge all Canadians to know what each party stands for and, when an election comes next fall, elect a government that not only promises an open and transparent government but keeps their promises after we've given them a mandate.

Harriet Worden,

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