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LETTER: Slow internet service in rural Prince Edward Island

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has swiftly rejected a parliamentary committee's call for a five per cent tax on broadband Internet services.
Rusticoville man is still waiting for his modem -- which will be delivered to the post office.

I was wondering if this is just a rumour or is it a fact. I heard that a local IT company requires each job applicant and contractor to take an IQ test and anyone with an IQ over 80 is not hired.

The reason I think this is possibly true is that, after almost 20 years of numerous phone calls and emails resulting in frustration after frustration, service has not improved but indeed has deteriorated.

Last week the company was to courier a modem to our post office in North Rustico. After five days, it did not arrive and we were told there was confusion at the post office. They had our name, post office box number, civic address and phone numbers. My theory is that they may have confused the post office with the coffee shop.

Anyway, we were informed that an express courier would deliver the modem to our civic address the next day in the early morning. We waited the entire day but still no modem. Our inquiry revealed that no, it wasn’t going to our civic address, rather it is to be delivered to the post office within three days.

I just hope they can find the post office this time.

Bernie Doiron


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