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LETTER: Network a ‘forum’ not an ‘organization’

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

We would like to respond to the March 8 “cease and desist” order issued to the P.E.I. PR Network through a news release by the referendum commissioner. We have corresponded with the referendum commissioner and provided clarifying updates. The commissioner confirmed he was satisfied with our explanations and that he planned no further action.

For the public record, the P.E.I. PR Network is not an organization. It is a forum/listserve for information-sharing: simply a platform for communication among like-minded individuals. The network does not and will not create or hold any information or advertising of its own. Individuals contribute all content.

Unfortunately, the news release about the legal order against the network was issued at the same time as the moderators of the network received an email. An email to us in advance of the legal order would have allowed us to demonstrate that we had not violated any sections of the Referendum Act, and that there was no need for a public cease and desist order.

The P.E.I. PR Network was formed after the Referendum Act made it impossible for the P.E.I. Coalition for Proportional Representation to continue its work. This coalition brought together individuals and organizations to promote proportional representation and provided much of the leadership that resulted in Islanders choosing MMP in the plebiscite held in 2016.

The P.E.I. PR Network will continue to comply with the Referendum Act. We invite any Islander who is convinced of the benefits of MMP for good governance based on greater collaboration to join the network to engage with other like-minded individuals.

Florence Larkin,
Moderator for the P.E.I. PR Network

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