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LETTER: Don’t be fooled

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Not so many years ago the Liberals were swept from power leaving only one lone Liberal opposition member – Ron McKinley. I wonder how the ‘No’ campaign in the electoral reform referendum would describe this situation?

The government in power at that time had absolute authority, almost no one to answer to. I believe PC and Liberal parties have been in similar situations over the years. Yet, here we are with a ‘No’ campaign claiming that to change the voting system would be irresponsible.

What is it they actually proclaim? “Confusing, Complicated and Dangerous”? Seems to me the FPTP system is dangerous, with no opposition what do we have? An almost dictatorship. Islanders are screaming for regulations on protecting our water, our land and our health. But ask a government member and you will be told, they are waiting for the science, are doing a study, or are appointing a panel!

In other words, doing nothing. All the while the ‘No’ campaigners claim to change the system would be dangerous. Sorry but to not change the system would really be dangerous and extremely irresponsible. Islanders have only one choice, vote ‘Yes’ in the upcoming referendum. Do not be misled or fooled again by these old party hacks.

F. Ben Rodgers,
Abram Village, P.E.I.

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