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LETTER: Charlottetown asphalt plant fears are well-founded and ignored

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During every election campaign I've joined candidates as they knock on doors and every election as I listen, I learn.

Yesterday as Gordon Gay and I walked in a lovely neighbourhood in District 9, I heard the deep concerns of those who will soon see a huge asphalt plant close to them.

Their fears are both well founded and ignored. We drove over to the cemetery where lie graves of those who rest in peace. Across the street from this cherished place will be an asphalt plant built on land desecrated of trees and flowers and the plant will spew noise, toxins and dust into the residential area as well as the cemetery.

It will be the first view of P.E.I. as people come from the airport and the traffic of heavy trucks will be unbearable and dangerous to all — but especially to those who walk on it. There is no sidewalk or sidelane.
I implore all Islanders to oppose the building of a plant in this area. It isn't just a neighbourhood problem. Think about it the next time you go to lay flowers in the graveyard or drive to Brackley or the airport. Think about your neighbours and stand up to the few who believe they are entitled to build anything anywhere because they have money.

Lynne Thiele

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