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LETTER: Canadians lucky to have their freedom

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I am writing in response to an editorial published on Aug. 27 titled "Value our democracy.”

I agree with this editorial and that we are indeed lucky enough to have what we have. Other areas, like Hong Kong, have to protest and fight for democracy and independence. 

My parents and the majority of my family came from China and immigrated to Canada.

Some of them may not agree with Hong Kong being independent from China.

I honestly think that if Hong Kong wants to be an independent country, they should really push for it. Canada wasn't even an independent country for over a century.

We only broke apart from British rule in 1867 – 152 years ago. I don't see a reason why Hong Kong can't be independent from China, when many countries left the British empire to become their own country. 

We are definitely lucky enough to have the freedom that we do.

We are a democratic country and we can vote for the people we want to lead us, whereas in certain countries, they have no choice.

Even if the person that's chosen to be the leader of our country may not be great, at least they have the statistics from the election to show that the majority wanted that person. 

In conclusion, I think that Hong Kong should be able to become their own country and that we are very fortunate to have the independence that we do.

Annie Sham (a Grade 11 student at Three Oaks Senior High),

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