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LETTER: A second wave

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Are we relaxing restrictions too much that a second wave of COVID-19 is inevitable? Can these people be closely monitored enough to ensure public safety? We have seen that some are not being entirely truthful on where they’ve travelled or felt "I’m fine, I don’t need to self- isolate" even though they visited other provinces and the law requires that they need to. We haven’t even opened retail stores here yet and residents who were having to be confined to their own spaces for a long period of time, will it be pandemonium like Korea and people become re-infected?

We should be opening retail outlets here first and wait. Keep the restrictions in place. Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick don’t have new cases. Other provinces don’t have a handle on theirs. If people are coming from other provinces other than New Brunswick they still need to eat and going to grocery stores when they get here may re-infect us. Or is the province going to do all their grocery shopping for them?

Tamara MacDonald,

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