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LETTER: A double standard

Letters to the Editor
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I read with interest the transfer of 3.8 acres of land from the province to the municipality (Capital close to acquiring PE Home property, Aug. 28). Plans for the space range from a botanical garden (not native and not natural), or maybe even a meditation space.

Ironic that in developing land in Sherwood (most recently the intensive infill along Mount Edward Road) there is nary a thought to preserving green space. Once that entire 50-acre (plus or minus) area is developed it will likely be home to 2,000 people and maybe 3,000 plus cars, degrade the Confederation Trail, and add by leaps and bounds to the traffic already making any “meditative” state impossible, let alone the simple enjoyment of any green space.

What a double standard. Are we turning Charlottetown into a city segregated by the “haves” (aka downtown Charlottetown) and the “have-nots” (aka Sherwood). Since amalgamation I have seen an increasing erosion of the quality of life with commercial and industrial development (paving plants), apartments in people’s backyards, and major transportation corridors. Sadly, as we look towards more intensive development and new neighbours, there is not a thought to their meditation space, let alone any new green or natural space. Maybe we can hop in our cars and drive to the new space in “downtown Charlottetown” — or will we need a new road for that? Also, Mr. Brown didn’t mention what land the city was transferring to the province. Inquiring minds need to know. What are we really paying for 3.8 acres of meditation space?

Michael Deighan,


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