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Premier Wade MacLauchlan talks change but doesn't act on it

Premier Wade MacLauchlan promised government would be open and transparent and that things were going to change in P.E.I.

He is our Justice Minister and Attorney General, running a department that supposedly will live up to, according to his mandate letter, “the highest standards of ethical conduct.” Our premier is a person who supposedly has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and denounce the injustice of the acts of present and past leaders.

Our Finance Minister, Allen Roach, also had a mandate letter which also stated that he would ensure the highest standards of ethical conduct. Mr. Roach has been appointed to address all E-gaming questions.

There are three current senior government officials implicated in breaking the law still working, collecting salaries and other benefits. Neil Stewart is presently Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Tourism. Michael Mayne is presently CEO of Health P.E.I. Doug Clow is presently vice-chairman of the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission. Under section 76 of the Financial Administration Act the finance minister is empowered to suspend from their employment officials who had knowledge of a violation of any law relating to the distribution of public money, namely $950,000 for e-gaming.

Gentlemen, has your government asked the RCMP to investigate this matter? Are the three officials going to be suspended without pay or benefits until a proper investigation has been conducted? Will you ask to have Wes Sheridan, Robert Ghiz and a few of their comrades investigated?

You break the law, you pay the price. Are things going to change and the highest standards of ethical conduct be upheld or will you follow the status quo of the past years and bury your heads in the sand, and hope it goes away?

Gary A.O.MacKay

Tyne Valley

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