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More promises broken


I do not know what happens to some people when they get into politics. For some reason many do the opposite of what they said they would do. Are they lying to us?

When Wade MacLauchlan was campaigning to become Premier he promised to make rural communities grow and prosper. He promised he would not close any schools and he promised to have elected school board trustees.

Mr. MacLauchlan promised to be different than other premiers. He promised to listen and consult with Islanders and lead a government that was accountable and transparent. Islanders believed him and now we feel betrayed and angry.

How will our rural communities grow and prosper when the MacLauchlan government to close our schools? By closing Belfast, Georgetown, St. Jean, Bloomfield and St. Louis schools the government will save one quarter of one per cent of the Education budget. Can you imagine closing five schools to save one quarter of one per cent.

If the government is really set on saving money they should look at the loans they have made to high-risk businesses. Over the last 10 years our government has written off over $100 million in bad debt. Just think of how this money could have been used in education, health, and infrastructure.

The three-member committee that will make the recommendations to government regarding amalgamations or closing of schools were appointed by government. One of these persons is The deputy minister of Education. How can this board give an unbiased report to government? There is no doubt that there is a conflict of interest here.

Without a doubt there should be a moratorium on all school closures until we have elected school board trustees.

Own up to your promises Mr. Premier. Are you a man or are you a mouse?

Russell Noonan,


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