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LETTER: Why not say no?


Regarding my letter on Jan. 8, "Who made decision on full gas service", I have more information and another question. A person from IRAC (unnamed) called to ask which manager (still unnamed) of a gas station told me IRAC compelled his station to close down full service. I learned that IRAC did not direct this action but that the owners apply for the service to close on a form and IRAC approves it. The question of human rights violation in denying service to people of disabilities is not considered only the ability for Esso to have more profit (my words not hers). So, my question is, why didn't IRAC say no? They didn't have to approve to take away the only full service in the town. I suggest our mayor and council find some answers as now the closest full service is Ultramar on Great George Street in Charlottetown. They filled my tank for $35.00 minus 45 cents with new card, cleaned the windows, and helped the elderly lady in front of me with new wipers.

I do not accept what I find to be unacceptable and will continue to ask polite questions.

Lynne Thiele,


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