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LETTER: What is wrong with this picture?


I am writing in response to the March 8 story in your newspaper about Eddy Merx, a German immigrant who moved his family to Canada over five years ago who are now threatened by our federal government of deportation back to Germany with his family of five children.

Seemingly Mr. Merx is a family man who wants to continue working, asking no financial support from the government, is an outstanding community member and only asking to continue working living in Canada, paying his way and supporting his family.

I do not know, and have never met Mr. Merx or any of his family, but feel strongly that the federal immigration laws are nonsensical and require an immediate review. While this review is taking place, deportation activities for individuals and families in similar situations to Mr. Merx should be placed on hold.

I am not sure if our government realizes that historically, Canada was built on the backs of immigrants and their descendents. Canadians are lucky that these moronic and outmoded laws were not in place when the thousands of immigrants started coming to our great nation. If they were, most Canadians that now live here would not be here and Canada would not be the great country that it is today.

Canadians should be speaking up. At the same time that Mr Merx is being threatened with deportation we are accepting thousands of "so called immigrants," many who arrive illegally, do require government support and many, if not most, will be granted Canadian Citizenship.

What is wrong with this picture?      

Ron Hatton,


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