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LETTER: What a community

Where else but on Prince Edward Island would the staff of a performing arts centre and the cast of a play decide to delay the opening of their performance because several people had called to report they were tangled up in the local Christmas Santa parade traffic?

In Summerside, recently, the cast of “Sister Act,” (the Fandango Musical Players), and the folks at the new Celtic Performing Arts Centre did just that. For those of us who had to back track and jangle our way through the city, we offer a big ‘thank you’.

The play was fantastic, but our evening ended with us getting buried at the mouth of our driveway in Slemon Park. A small car, a big, big drift – not a great combination. However, one of Santa’s elves spotted our four-way flashers, hopped into his trusty Jeep and with a mighty push, saved the night. What a wonderful, unbelievable community. Many thanks.

Jan Cox,
Slemon Park

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