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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What if it was traffic accidents?

Heath PEI has informed us (CBC, Jan. 31, 2018) of the 2017 statistics from the Women’s Wellness Clinic in Summerside and director Rachel Pike is “happy.” She is pleased that one year after forced acceptance of abortion on P.E.I. that “women are comfortable in coming to them” and in fact numbers have increased.

Jillian Kilfoil from the Women’s Network PEI is also happy with the latest developments. Would you say “happy,” “pleased” or ‘celebrate” if we were speaking of traffic deaths?

Statistics show that among other services 143 surgical abortions were performed, and 20 medical abortions (using the abortion pill). A further 32 abortions were paid for by our tax dollars in out-of-province hospitals either because the patient and pre-born child are residents of P.E.I. or because the service requested was over the 12-week limit (i.e. second trimester, which means the mother can already feel the child and that the child clearly reacts to the poke of a needle). In 2017 a total of 195 pre-born Island children died due to abortion. This is up from 2016 when 186 children were aborted off-Island to P.E.I. residents.

This means 16 deaths per month. If these pre-born children were a little older, and the media reported that, every month, 16 school children died in traffic accidents on any given intersection in P.E.I. – or at one of the contested roundabouts, there would be an uproar beyond compare. In what kind of a world are we living when we can so nonchalantly accept the deaths of 16 pre-born babies a month? Is it only crocodile tears we cry when media report drug-addicted deaths, youth suicides, or of children who die in a fire? Where is the uproar for these 195 young lives?

Does this not compel us to help these mothers to choose life for their children? Are there not ways and means for us to find resources for families to provide them with financial, educational, medical and social assistance to empower these women to choose life? What about employers? Can they not find solutions to allow a mother to raise her child and advance her career? Where are the fathers? Can we, as a society, not have jobs available so that one parent can stay at home, raise the child and the family still survive on one salary? And, where are the feminists? Half the babies aborted are in fact girls. Are you not interested in empowering women to do everything possible for these daughters? Or do you think women cannot manage?

Abortion has never solved anything. It sends a woman the message that she is incapable of choosing life for her child and herself, and society does not want to help her either. PEI Right to Life Association does not accept death as a solution. We stand for educating and empowering the woman, the child, the father and society to the truth and value of life at all stages from conception to natural death.

Pat Wiedemer,

Executive Director PEI Right to Life Association

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