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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Too many horrors for too long

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I wish to applaud Richard Deaton for his letter of Sept. 13, re: abuse by priests and the hiding of this information by the church.

I was one of those children that was sexually abused by two different priests, sometimes the situation was executed by both priests in the same encounter. It was, to say the least, hell on earth. I never knew when one of these bastards would appear on scene and take me away in his fancy car to a secluded place in the woods. I never knew when he would appear with a bottle of beer as a treat, go to a movie and hold my hand during the show, drive to the race track in the dead of night and perform things on my body which are too explicit to write in this space.

This so-called church has much to atone for if there is a hereafter. My mother died in my infancy, I was brought up by aunts.

These aunts were wonderful and saw to my every need but would never be suspicious why I was running around with these priests. They thought I might be an altar boy, a vocation I would have said no to in any event.

Carry on Roman Catholic Church. It’s very evident you're in demise and it looks good on you.

Ralph MacDonald


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