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Letter to the editor: Time to let go of Lobster Festival

I agree the Summerside Lobster Festival should be given back to the private sector. There is a major problem in that businesses in both Summerside and Charlottetown don't want to pay for events but want to profit from them.

I also agree with the province taking over the Summerside Regional Development Corporation and Charlottetown RDC. I'm going to get called negative again but the reality is the private sector in both cities has to show leadership and stop demanding the province and the city foot the bill.

I opposed using any taxpayers money for a tour boat. It is the same people coming up with ways to demand government pay instead of the private sector. Summerside needs to downsize and merge other entities in our city. It has already been proven there is too much overlap between various organizations. Call me negative but the first step to bringing back the private sector is to layoff the board of directors in the SRDC, CRDC and Slemon Park Corporation. The second step is the city not hosting the Lobster Festival.

John W.A. Curtis


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