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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time is now to discuss the issues

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Time for Islanders top sit up and pay close attention as to who they will vote for in our next provincial election in 2019 – or perhaps earlier.

The Liberals have proven over and over they cannot be trusted. The recent issue with our Prime Minister's visit to India, was nothing short of disgraceful. Can one imagine travelling with a convicted terrorist; then the Prime Minister says he was unaware. He has a minister stepping up taking full responsibility for this, he will speak with him, when back in Canada, and lets just move on. Canadians should not accept this extreme breach of security.

The Conservatives have the most embarrassing situation in Ontario, the highest degree of infighting seen in a long time.

On P.E.I. the Green party has risen in the polls and presently have a great leader and a very professional team in place. All I have read about the Green Party is their honesty, openness and transparency. These are the issues Islanders should want and certainly deserve.

Some may feel this topic in being discussed too early. In my opinion, the time is right for consultations with Islanders on Issue that really matter to them.

David Griffin,


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