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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for drug talk

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It’s time for Summerside’s police and civic leaders to advise residents on what our present situation is, relating to what type of illegal drugs are being trafficked in the city, and among our youth.

I served with our police services for 40 years. When I retired in 2011, the drug situation was bad, and since then it has increased; not only in the quantity but also the types of drugs.

In Summerside anyone can buy cannabis, cocaine, meth, heron and unfortunately, fentanyl or drugs laced with fentanyl. This increased opioid crisis has hit many communities and is devastating to many. Many cases are ending in death by overdose. Summerside Police Services last year dealt with two cases involving two separate incidents where overdoses occurred, and police have had to use the antidote Narcan, to revive these people.

This tells me all residents, parents and teachers should be made aware of just what our police services and addictions officials are dealing with on a regular basis. I am only talking about the City of Summerside, other areas have their own concerns. Does Summerside have officers going to the schools and other community groups talking about this issue?

Our chief of police had been extremely quiet on the subject, I question why? City Council has not spoken openly about this crisis, at least not from any council meetings I have seen. Time to talk about this.

I see first-hand on a weekly basis the devastation caused by addictions, among our youth, I am passionate about our youth and this city. Hopefully, this will bring change and awareness, to this serious crisis in our city.

David Griffin


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