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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stonewalled in Charlottetown

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

It was no surprise to me after reading the recent news story referring to comments made by Charlottetown City Councillor Bob Doiron, regarding others refusing to allow him to ask questions at their human resources meetings.

Bob will not be silenced by anyone. I, for one, congratulate him for speaking up, as an elected representative of a Ward in Charlottetown, he is only doing his sworn duty. I have been referring to the silence of council in Summerside for quite some time, after being in the system for 40 years. What is very disturbing and hard to believe, this conduct should be very concerning to all taxpayers of the City of Charlottetown and the City of Summerside. Allowing it to go on is just wrong.

The mayor of any city picks his/her committees and they all take an oath of office to do their duty in a fair, open, impartial way, for the betterment of all citizens. To hear a councillor stating he is unable to ask questions at meetings is totally unacceptable. It is the mayor's duty to further investigate these allegations and take appropriate action.

The councillors run any city. The mayor only has a vote in a tie situation. I do believe, a high percentage of people run for elected office with intentions of doing good. From experience following politics, I can assure anyone, this certainly does change.

I would hope Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee gets to the bottom of this very unethical conduct, if in fact what Coun. Doiron is alleging.

David Griffin,


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