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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sees positive change

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Far too often, people like to complain about things they feel the government is doing wrong. This is a shame because our current Liberal government has created positive change in our province through programs it has implemented. I believe it is important to celebrate these small victories that are improving the quality of life for many residents of our beautiful Island.

Our Island seniors are now able to stay in their own homes longer thanks to the Seniors Home Improvement Grant. Seniors, who typically live on a fixed income, can apply for grants to make essential repairs to their homes that they would otherwise be unable to afford. The recipients then hire local tradespeople to complete the repairs, making the benefit to our community two-fold.

Senior residents of Tyne Valley and Montague will soon reap the benefits of the new long-term care centres that are currently under construction. These centres allow people to remain in the rural communities they have lived in for decades, near their families and friends. These centres are also increasing the amount of work available in our local construction industry, and have provided steady jobs for the many tradespeople it takes to build these state-of-the-art buildings. Once completed, these centres will be a vital source of employment in these communities in the form of careworkers, maintenance people, cleaners and more.

Additionally, partnerships with the construction industry through Work Force and Advanced Learning have enabled people entering the field to gain valuable work experience while assisting contractors with critical human resources at a time when more workers are needed to meet the demands of our construction market.

It is time we remember how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful province, led by a government that is so focused on improving the lives of the residents who need it most. I, for one, choose to acknowledge all the positive changes taking place in our communities and in the lives of fellow Islanders and I encourage my neighbours to do the same.

Urban MacLellan,

Grand River

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