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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Premier’s stance does nothing to dispel voter disillusion

I understand that Premier MacLauchlan is questioning the results of the plebiscite on electoral reform due to low voter turnout. I would like to argue that the turnout numbers are even more significant given the fact that it was non-binding vote and the turnout is greater than the previous vote held on electoral reform in 2005.

I expect most people decided not to vote in the plebiscite as a result of it being a non-binding vote. The people who turned out to vote clearly expressed their desire for a change in the system to one that is more inclusive and representative of the way people vote.  
Recent events in Britain and the United States are indicative of people becoming disillusioned with politicians it is time for politicians to recognize this fact begin a process which will further instill confidence not only in the decisions they make but in the way they are made.
Jeremy Stiles
Sea View

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