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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Political raises unwarranted, undeserved

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Recent raises by MLAs, and councillors in the cities of Summerside and Charlottetown should be cause for great concern to every resident and taxpayer of Prince Edward Island. The costs of living for an average family, struggling with the basic requirements, has reached far beyond expectations and ability to keep up. Costs of electricity, food, gas, rent, upkeep of a home, daycare, just to mention a few continue to soar and then we read of these ridiculous raises by politicians without any public consultations.

In my opinion they all should have taken a cost of living raise, like the rest of hardworking Islanders.

This is above our latest crisis involving seniors struggling to live, including affordable housing/rentals. Further, each politician should be quoted in public for their reasons and justification of these raises. The people of P.E.I. have to sit up and see just what is happening with our hard-earned money. These politicians act in secrecy, with some concept of entitlement, with no intentions of replying to us, the taxpayers, who pay their salaries. One hundred per cent transparency, openness and accountability should be demanded.

Islanders had better remember these issues come election in 2018 for municipalities and in 2019 for the provincial government. We will wait and see who respondes to this letter.

David Griffin,


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