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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Political correctness ruining Canada

If Canada wants to address the issue of hatred then it should deal with political correctness.

ISIL destroyed antiquities because of their beliefs. Nazi death camps were saved to teach the world about German atrocities. The Mi’kmaq and others want to destroy a statue of Cornwallis. This is shortsightedness. Instead we should be leaving the statue of Cornwallis and teaching about history. Those who want it down are acting like ISIL.

Students in Canadian universities are using political correctness to control freedom of speech. The politically correct federal and provincial governments continue to fund these universities. The Newfoundland Supreme Court of Appeal upheld the right to political dissent.

Universities should have the federal and provincial funding suspended. P.E.I. has seen Premier Wade MacLauchlan reject the plebiscite on Proportional Representation.

People can't say the word Merry Christmas, it offends non-Christian religions. Merry Christmas doesn't fit into Multi-culturalism. If Multi-culturalism was tolerant, Merry Christmas wouldn't be replaced with seasons greetings.

Atlantic Canada, including P.E.I., practices low wage racism towards its own people. This ongoing practice is driving both young people and immigrants away from P.E.I. and the rest of Atlantic Canada.

John W.A. Curtis,


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