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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pigs at the trough

What a great story the Journal Pioneer published about Atlantic Lottery Corporation buying $14,000 worth of tickets to the Cavendish Beach Festival for government officials and staffers.

What is the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC)? Our four Atlantic Provinces each appoint people to its board. Profits are divided and given to provincial governments for social programs, roads, education, health care etc. The taxpayers of P.E.I. have lost millions due to greed and the mismanagement of our monies: $4.5 million for Geo-Sweep game failure; $1.5 million for e-gaming failure and much more. ALC spent $4 million on their personal extravagances, another loss.

The base salary of a P.E.I. cabinet minister is $115,000 plus paid pensions, cars etc. paid for by taxpayers. In addition the governing Liberals have a “Slush Fund” of $300/month for tickets etc.

The power of entitlement, pigs at the trough, bribed and bought out all resonate in this story. Corruption is rampant on P.E.I. Look who accepted tickets - overpaid politicians and senior staff; Ex-Premier Ghiz; present Premier MacLauchlan; Currie - Education; Henderson - Health; Biggar - Transportation, to name a few. Graft and corruption according to “(t)he two ideas have been part of government almost as long as power structures have existed as those in power use that power to get additional financial and other advantages.”

P.E.I.’s appointed reps to the ALC board should be terminated and new ones put in their place.

Politicians literally accepted monies that should have gone to the departments they represent. They should be stripped of their titles and be sent to the backbenches. So what happens to these entitled people? Nothing except perhaps a raise in pay to these poor underpaid First Past The Post members of our government.

Gary A.O. MacKay

Birch Hill


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