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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pathetic parking at Eric Johnson Field

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I am writing to express parking concerns at the turf field in Summerside. With two children that play numerous sports it seems I am at this facility four to five times a week. The complaints regarding parking and washroom facilities, or lack thereof, at the field are discussed each and every time I am at the field.

These discussions are not only had by parents and family of Summerside teams, but more and more I hear complaints from users visiting from outside of the city. Just last night my son had a soccer game at the turf versus a team from Stratford. When he arrived there were two games in progress on the field and graduation ceremonies happening at the CUP. He, along with other members of his team, coaching staff, players and spectators from the other team parked on Willow Avenue in front of the field. There is minimal signage indicating no parking and certainly no signage directing people to alternative parking. Half way through the game a police officer arrived and ticketed those parked “illegally.” He informed us the city councillors wanted tickets issued to those parking on the street. Not a nice thing for those players and coaches to find on their vehicles after the game. I complained about this very issue to the City of Summerside last year along with the fact there are only two porta-potties serving all players and spectators at this field and was told people were to park at the CUP or the parking lot beside the horse barns and walk to the field.

What are people to do when there are horse races or events at the CUP? What about the elderly and families with strollers and young children in tow? This is a beautiful field, but players and spectators were not considered when planning for parking and washroom facilities. There will be many tournaments at this field in the coming months. I would hate for visitors to Summerside from both on and off Island this summer to be greeted with a parking ticket when they visit the field to watch their kids compete.

Dean Stewart,


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