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Letter to the Editor: Looking for denials, none seen

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a pre-budget meeting of the Rural Municipality of Lady Slipper. Last year's audited financial statement was presented with 17 citizen/residents in attendance as well as former successful businessman and present provincial cabinet minister Sonny Gallant.

It was a great pleasure to read a government financial document which covered major expenses such as "fire dues" as well as minor items like "bank charges" and closed with a healthy surplus.

I could not help contrasting the careful honesty of all aspects of the meeting with the gross lack of ethics at the cabinet level of the P.E.I. government under the last two premiers as displayed in the untendered contracts with BellAliant.

Since the last article in the Journal Pioneer pointing out the ethical shortcomings and subsequent employment opportunities for several Canadian premiers, I had fervently hoped to see the charges denied by Ghiz Jr. and others. No denials have been forthcoming. Too bad, eh?

Gary Naylor,

Victoria West

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