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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Liberal MLAs should vote with electorate in mind

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I’m writing this letter in the hope the majority of Liberal MLAs will stand tall and do what they know to be right. Oppose bill 38 and demand amendments to this insulting attempt to stack the vote in favour of the MacLauchlan gang.

Do not follow your shepherd like mindless sheep. Do what the people elected you to do, and look after their interests. Fail in this, then ask yourselves how you will face Islanders in the next election. Imagine how you will be greeted on the doorsteps. I doubt it will be pleasant.

It is time to regain some self-respect and to show you have integrity and pride in the position to which you were elected. Follow your conscience and do what you were elected and paid to do. The alternative to this is to leave politics. Five of your colleagues have already done so, and I suspect more could follow.

If you wish to continue in politics, then this is surely the time to make an honest decision. Food for some serious thought.

F. Ben Rodgers

Abram-Village, P.E.I.

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