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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leave decisions to new council

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

As Election Day nears I must say that I applaud the good work the Summerside mayor and council, as well as others in the administration who may have a hand in the successful creation of the $200,000 surplus our city achieved in the current year.

However, the fact is, there will be a municipal election in November that could result in a number of new councillors, as well as a brand new mayor.

Because of this, I cannot understand why "a lame duck" mayor and council would strive to decide how these monies should be used. Given the ridiculous deficit that previous councils have created, I might suggest that a more prudent use of these monies would be to apply the total amount to lowering the debt that hangs over our city.

In the meantime, the incubator industrial complex, if still owned by the municipality, has been sitting vacant for years. I suggest that the new council may choose to delay the purchase of additional property in this area until such time when there is an obvious need for additional land. It is my understanding that the property that is available for purchase has been on the market for some time. Besides, there are other options of available land within the city.

In closing, I will say that I was impressed with the common sense position expressed by Coun. Brent Gallant, who has decided to seek election as our mayor. I think that Brent and others who may be elected must be given the opportunity to decide policies that may affect our city going forward.

Elmer H. Williams,


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