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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist misses point

It’s time to evaluate all health services being offered in Labrador, because there appears to be serious concerns with this system.
It’s time to evaluate all health services, because there appears to be serious concerns with this system. - 123RF Stock Photo

Andy Walker’s recent article on innovation in health care is fascinating in just how relevant its content is, while missing the point entirely on a crucial detail. Indeed, across Canada efforts are made to create structures aligned with the Patient’s Medical Home – the vision presented by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and one supported and advanced by the College of Prince Edward Island’s Chapter in the province. In this vision, much like Mr. Walker suggests, patient care is provided by an inter-professional team working collaboratively, ensuring the patient is seen by the right provider at the right time. Communication between providers is crucial as colleagues can update others on the changing health status of patients and request additional expertise whenever necessary. This continuous, comprehensive, patient-centred approach is strongly aligned with the principles of family medicine – focus on the patient, building a relationship over time, serving the community. Family physicians recognize the evolving nature of health care and strive to meet the changing needs of their patients. Instead of being eliminated we intend to be at the forefront of change ensuring our practices adapt, working collaboratively with our esteemed colleagues and doing what we do best – using our clinical expertise and focusing on the individual patients to ensure the best health outcomes.

Nadine Arsenault-Samson,

Prince Edward Island College of Family Physicians

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